Knuckles will be played by Iris Elba in the continuation of the film Soni

Toc knock … # SONICMOVIE2 #Joints

  • Idris Elba (@idriselba) August 10, 2021

For the sake of being complete, it is not a manifest confirmation, but … go. This fist is downright emblematic. The intention here is simple as the day, and the number of people who panic in the comments of the publications clearly understood the message.

The choice of the cast certainly agrees here – its role in the newly released Squad suicide film proved. In this movie, he played one of the few serious characters, acting as the right man to help all the jokes land. It is not difficult to make a comparison between its objective there and the role played by Knuckles in most of Sonic The Hedgehog’s stories. Knuckles is a serious anchor in a storm of thorny blue snark.

Sonic Adventure - Knuckles' Story using his E3 voice

And the interactions will certainly not stop there. He will fight either alongside Eggman (as in his first appearance in a video game) or alongside Sonic (as in his most recent incarnations), it is safe to have some kind of dynamics with the mark of Chaos of Jim Carrey.

The skills of Idris Elba seem to be well corresponding to the role. On the action side, we can see his performance in Pacific Rim and various Avengers titles. And for dubbing, we have zootopia and the world of Dory to watch. In any case, it has perfectly adapted, and a character like Knuckles seems to be an ideal place to link these aspects together.

The previous film Sonic The Hedgehog may have had its share of controversy before the exit, but the massively successful exit has proven that Sega’s characters can do it on the big screen. And with a casting like this, it would not be surprising at all to see this suite surpass the first.

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