NHN Korea Cyber Payment ESG Management Spiral

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] NHN Korea Cyber ​​Billing (Representative Park, Joon-seok, NHN KCP) announced on the 11th that the ESG committee was officially installed for social responsibility and sustainable management through the board resolution. Introducing ESG management among the listed bodies listed in KOSDAQ is the first NHN KCP.

The ESG committee shall establish main strategies for ESG management, establish policies and play a control tower that is responsible for management, and supervision of all business enforcement. We plan to implement ESG dedicated organizations that are made up of practitioners such as IR, personnel, financial, and IT centers in the Committee.

The NHN KCP ESG committee shall establish an independent and systematic ESG management strategy for each department experts outside in-house. For the strengthening of independence, the external director Lee Kwang-joon attorneys were chairperson, and the Supreme Financial Officer (CSO), Jo Hyun-chul, the best technology executive (CSO), Joo Hyun-cheol, and the Supreme Financial Officer (CFO), Baek Eun-young’s top fertility (CHO).

Lee Kwang-jun, who was in charge of the chairperson, said, “Establishing a strategy to respond to changing rapidly changing external environments, enhancing communication with shareholders, and enhancing the company’s sustainable ESG management for the sustainable growth of the company,” 1st place payment sign NHN KCP leads to the leader of the company, and will make the external answer to the business responsibility of the industry. “

RIP RAIDERZ! So, About That Re-Launch.. Hah.

“As soon as ESG is an important factor in determining whether to invest in the enterprise, it will be 100 years old to improve management transparency and try to protect shareholder rights.”

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