The Amazon Luna Luna Luna Cloud-Base Game Application

Amazon has traveled a long way since his appearance on the stage as an online market for books. Jeff Bezos’s technology giant has been making a way in the markets and emerging industries for years, e-books on streaming television and movies, and now they are ready to enter the Gamespace based on the cloud with their new application – Luna.

Officially announced in September, Luna is Amazon’s cloud-based game service that allows guests to broadcast games from a library on their Fire TV, PC, Mac, Android or iPhone, and can play with a keyboard and a keyboard Mouse, a Bluetooth controller, or a Luna controller. As the trailer demonstrated, players will be able to instantly switch from one device to another – a very interesting feature that shows that Amazon tries to rethink how we approach our games.

LUNA has now entered early access for a number of US-based customers, this initial phase is to calibrate the service for its wide audience, as explains Marc Whitten, Vice President of Amazon Entertainment Devices and Services, “We are just beginning and need streamers and players of all kinds – basic, casual and beginner players – to give their opinion”. Amazon seems to launch a large network with this service, with all the different ways to access and play, it is likely that they correct and make adjustments for a while.

For those in the United States who wish to participate in advance access, you must subscribe to the Luna Plus game chain, which includes 50 games for $ 5.99 per month. You will enjoy the first seven days for free, you will be able to discover what the service has to offer without emptying your portfolio! Ubisoft has already announced a partnership with Amazon, and a wide selection of Ubisoft games will be available soon on the Luna chain, adding even more value to the test.

Amazon tries to penetrate the game market for some time now, with several unsuccessful attempts at Amazon Games Studios. Luna marks a different approach, making existing games more accessible. This has always been the strength of Amazon, to take an existing model that works and make it convenient and affordable, so that Luna may be more likely than other video game projects of the company. Streaming games based on cloud certainly goes nowhere, and although the 3 big play companies do not seem to abandon the physical media in the near future, they certainly have covered their bets by investing massively in steam games .

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