Cacao Games New World Flipper Preview Video Disclosure

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Cacao Games (Each representative Nam Gong Hoon, Cho Gyu-hyun) revealed the preview video of Mobile Games ‘World Flipper’, which is jointly developed by Cytail, Sai Games and Bai Games.

The preview video released this time, the main character of the ‘Moonlight Angel’, Luna and the voice of the ‘League of League’ Ari, the voice of the ‘League Obe Carrier’, introduces the world flipper directly and it is configured to increase the understanding of the game.

In addition, we have released a large-scale raid ‘multi-Bosraid’ combat scene that makes many users and strengths with power. Three users can use nine characters to identify the combat image that clears ‘Otch’.

The WorldPlipper operates ‘flipper’ and sends a character to the enemies of the character ▲ The battlefield of the dot graphics is a fascinating battle ▲ Funny combat ▲ It is characterized by vast content such as a variable story event.

Meanwhile, Kakao Games is in the World Plipper Pre Reservation Event.

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