Yeongju Games Korea New Mobile SLG Infinite King BI released

Yonkon Games Korea (Telecommunication) confirmed the domestic launch of the Mobile SLG Infinite King, and released Hangul BI. Infiniti Kingdom is a Mobile SLG with a magnificent fantasy worldview where a legendary person appears such as Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Merlin, and Robin Hood. It is characterized by the next generation of high quality 3D engines, such as a unity 3D engine, such as a jarjing and commander art style, cliff, castle, and sea, including sophistication and casual, and a territorial design, such as a commander art style, cliff, castle, and sea, and such as territorial design. ## Especially, we can gather celebrities to the troops to ensure that they are against the huge forces and progresses to ensure the world. Yeongju Games Korea will continue colorful events, including game content disclosure, pre-reservation implementation, ahead of the release of formal launch of Infinite King.

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