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Call of Duty: The mobile launch takes place today, on October 1, 2019, and we attended the event all night, it is time to carry out a quick review. This title marks the transition from the acclaimed franchise by COD criticism to mobile devices, made possible by Tencent for iOS and Android. The series is also known for its captivating game in the first person since 2003, when it started with a game taking place at the time of the Second World War. However, over the years, the frame has evolved to cover many other historical and fictitious conflicts, and it is now time to launch a mobile multiplayer battle on mobile.

Development and Home

As mentioned earlier, the game came out on October 1st and it has already attracted very positive reactions. On Google Play, Call of Duty: Android Mobile has a 4.7-star rating on several thousand votes for the moment, and increases every hour. On iTunes App Store, iOS Cod has 4.4 stars on nearly 10K votes, which is increasing rapidly, and the game is already n ° 3 in action. Tencent Games has managed development and has made bold choices in terms of content to be made to the mobile, what we will explore. As with previous titles, the publication is managed by Activision.


In terms of pure gameplay, Cod Mobile is an attractive and tactical shooting game, which brings the mobile the same distinct flavor it had on PC and other platforms. The game has always been rented for its realism, its tactical possibilities and the overall firearms responses and the physics of the game. However, with this new mobile version, instead of the first-person view of the game’s signature, Tencent decided to opt for the view to the third person. This radical change is nothing less than monumental and represents a potential hazard for the experience of the fans of the series. However, since the mobile gameplay is very different from the one on PC, for example, the third-person’s point of view seems to be the solution and, to date, the return is positive in this regard.


Cod Mobile also joins the Royal Battle train with this title. The game naturally exploits the multiplayer social aspect of the current mobile game and uses the well-known extravagance of 100-player shootings. There is also a dead game mode where two teams of 5 people compete in a 2-azimuth war 5 against 5. The game also offers other modes, such as sniper battles against sniper and even zombie actions.

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Call of Duty: Mobile is a free game, like the other games of the Royal Battle like Pubg and Fortnite. However, at first glance, COD Mobile seems superior now, especially with regard to graphics and visual elements. In fact, the game offers 3D HD quality, which is rare in this genre. But he also received very positive comments on the orders, which are quite well adapted to the game on mobile, as well as other customizations for orders, sound and 3D graphics. Tencent has very much assimilated the social aspect, offering audio and text discussions, classified modes, clans and other multiplayer objects.


So far, Call of Duty: Mobile seems to target the top, both on iOS and Android. In addition to all the above, the game has already been published with tons of content, naturally available cosmetics in the game and other customization possibilities. The purpose of Tencent was to force all that we love in the multiplayer shooting game, making improvements and solutions to the problems that most games have not yet managed to overcome. In addition, the passage to the third person gives the game a more familiar appearance as a mobile shooter, in addition to the other amenities provided by this.



Call of Duty: Mobile seems to target the top, on iOS and Android.

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