Yeongju Games Korea Infantini Kingdom Dictionary Book

[NA Tournament] North America Challenger Cup | Finals

Yeongju Games Korea (Telecommunication) announced on the 23rd of the 23rd Mobile SLG Infinite Bonus Reservation. This pre-reservation can be applied through a separate web page. Yonju Games Korea presents a game item that is a pre-reservation participant power and provides special products such as iPad Pro, Airpot Pro, and Google Gift Cards through lottery. In addition, after the launch of the general release, the participants of the ‘Federation All-Star League’ compete with 100 million won for the general prize money. ## The Federation All Star League will be a member of the Federation and the League of the game with the game federation and the pride. In addition, we will carry out the news to share the pre-reservation. If you share the page after pre-reservation, you can receive a prizes such as Nintendo switches, chicken gifts, and cultural vouchers through lottery by sharing pages to SNS and authenticating them to the official café.

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