In the second half of this year domestic mobile game

Since August, a number of mobile games that the domestic game was prepared to have a number of mobile games, and market competition is expected to accelerate. 3N, which was relatively quiet in the first half, is a number of new units in the second half, and Cra Tons and Cacao Games are also added to market competition. The key is: Odin: Bals Rising Google Sales 1st place, which is the first place, and the new winds on the competition in the Mobile Games market.

First, in August, there is a ‘Marble Future Revolution’ and ‘Blade & Soul 2 (or less 2) that Netmarble and NCsoft, respectively. The Marble Future Revolution, which is launched in Korea and Global 25th, is a new and second collaboration titles of Netmarble Monster, which revealed a hasty to Marvel Future Fight. The MB is based on the ‘Convergence’ phenomenon gathering in the Multi-Japanese District.

Subsequently, the block 2 will be introduced to the service from 0 to 06. As an anthrough followed by NCsoft PC Online representative blade and Soul, Mobile, the Mobile, is a featuring an action in accordance with the attacking and defending the attacking and defending. Here, a field boss that can be excavated with the field exploration and the story that can be hidden all over the process in the process, and the field boss that can enjoy the sum of the party members as a core content.

Netmarble and NCsoft have all the challenges that they have to reveal the two in the top of the Mobile Market, based on their own new work. However, Marvel Future Revolution is a big possibility that the IP characteristics of the IP characteristics are large, and the 2, 2 is the first time in the domestic ranking, so that it is likely to reveal the two more of the release in the early days of the release. However, in 2 cases, it is another task that can show differentiated aspects when compared to NCsoft mobile games represented by Lineage M as Lineage M.

Claims listed in August are also preparing a mobile new title that we have prepared for a while. At the end of September, the Battleground: New State aimed at launching early October. In a unique display, which emphasized reality, we utilize the latest rendering technology to feature graphics beyond mobile limits. A more specific part can be seen through Battle Royal Confrontation through the battlefield Troy. Once the Battleground Worldview is based on the background of 2051, you can enjoy a variety of bypasses and covers, and you can enjoy strategic play using a variety of bypasses.

In addition, Craitone comes to a concern as a concern that the craftone will be achieved by the first game after the listing. In particular, unlike Battleground Mobile, a crafty-tone subsidiary, which is a new work, which is a 100% self-worker, which is a title that can be a title to show some degree of mobile development. Once the Google Play Global Dictionary reservations, 2,8 million people participated in the present, therefore, the preview is more than a certain value.

Clear release schedules are not disclosed, but there are many mobile expectations that scheduled to launch in 2H09. The game that is the most recent game is Nexon New Blue Archive, which entered the service preparation on the 18th. Blue Archive is a Curare: Animated PD, which is well known as the magic library, is an animated-style collection type RPG. Last February has been released first to Japan and has recorded the 8th place in the local Apple App Store sales. While the subcrete game has been steadily introducing, Nexon, who had been sorry for the box office, is the key to this time.

Odin: Kakao Games, which is achieved Google No. 1 as Balhal Rising, is also a subcrete game competition. We are aiming to show ‘Umamusome’ in the second half of this year with the start of the Japanese service. Umamusome was a mobile collection RPG, which has a Japanese horse racing, characterized by a lace that has a smile character and a lace that has a real race horse motif. Cacao Games has experience in Princess Connect and the like before Ummusume. Based on this, it will be a watch point that will open the blue archive and any confrontation in the ‘Substructure genre’.

Finally, NC Soft New Lineage W, who is naked on the 19th, is at the same time as the domestic and global market in the second half. Lineage W is a title that takes a part of the development from the early development of NCsoft to its overseas strategy, and a full 3D quaternary graphics that implemented a field height, which is enhanced than the original work, and the chat that can be communicated with the user who writes to other languages It is ahead of featuring. NCsoft is the first to release several mobile titles at the same time since Lineage M after Lineage. Interests are concentrated in unusual multifunctional movement to the first place of mobile, which is taken away from Odin.

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