The latest update of Black Desert Mobile adds the tension expected class upholstery system

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The BLACK Desert Mobile anticipated ascent system was now added to the game as part of its latest updates. Basically, you can unlock devastating new skills for your favorite classes.

It is a practical way to improve your characters and at the same time capture at the same main and sub-weapons as their base class. You have to reach Level 60 before the option is available, and the climb is done by sending yourself to a new story quest.

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In addition, after and after five new skills are unlocked when they complete further quests. Another skill can also be activated as soon as you reach level 70.

Rise skill books are relatively rare in zones such as the soldier grave and the Omar lava cavity. The rise-up tree should behave very differently than the base classes, which changes the effect and performance of its advanced skills.

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Before introducing the rise system, all the capabilities of a character were added from each class to determine strength, defense and general health. The ascent technology tree makes things a little different while applying the effectiveness and improved skills directly to the class of your choice.

In addition, you can now benefit from practical buffs by equipping alchemies. For example, these can improve their offensive and defensive capabilities that improve drop rates for silver and black buttons and even improve their favorite equipment and weapons.

You can wear as many of them as their heart desires, but they can only equip one after the other. Nevertheless, it sounds like they were incredibly handy. You can either make them with stone fragments in the Alchemielabor or grind in old ruins.

You will find Black Desert Mobile now for download as a free title of both AppStore and Google Play.

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