Call of Duty Mobile now offers new weapons in the lending business

Call of Duty Mobile has updated its loan memory with new articles to choose from. As you probably know, some important updates to shops have been made in recent months – and this seems to have a mix of articles.

First, you have some new weapons that you can buy, each with different aesthetic designs. This includes, among other things, the RUS-79U Aurora Borealis.

The S36 Hearts LMG also comes into the store, not too long after the assault rifle BK57 Hearts was released. LMGS certainly have their place on the battlefield, mainly a bit offside and shoot a big tide of balls on the enemy spawn.

In particular, the accuracy and the fire rate are the greatest strengths. This could be very useful if you are looking for a better destination and some quick hits.

Mobility is also underestimated statistics for these weapon types. As with each LMG, it is not as strong as the accuracy and fire rate, but they can usually compensate for movements with pure force.

MML CIS 2021: Профессиональная лига, групповой этап, день 10. Комментируют Maelstorm и LiveForSurf.

Then we come to the skills of the Gravity Spikes server, which used to be a limited time, but now stay here and ready for you to snap. With this skill, you can attack your enemies with a shockwave by beating the spines on the floor.

It is a solid AOE capability, perfect to turn out enemies in your area, and it is definitely good if you are in a critical place or have little ammunition. Let’s be honest; There are times when you get into a mini-panic and want to do something quickly that can be harmful. Well, let’s go.

If you have never played Call of Duty Mobile, you can download it for free Google Play and the AppStore

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