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The zombies mode rises in Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is getting bigger and better and this time it is the latest mode that is introduced into the game, the classic and popular zombies mode. It just missed Halloween, but that’s okay.

What you will find in the latest mode of Call of Duty Mobile is a faithful replica of the Wave-based mode with which you are only familiar with the console – at least mostly. As with any game mode in Call of Duty Mobile, things were optimized and easily changed. If you are an experienced zombies player, you certainly have the advantage, but there are also new features that you need to adapt.

That’s why we have prepared this guide for you. Here you will learn what to expect in Zombie Mode of Call of Duty Mobile – both the new features and the unexpected.

Read more below everything you need to know about Call of Duty Mobile’s zombies mode.

The zombies you know

For the most part, things are known and they know what they expect. This is a brand new card that is beautiful, but as well as many others you’ve seen before. They race around, shore zombies and build on the throttle spheres.

They deserve coins to build defenses and shoot their opponents that transform them into better weapons or open new parts of the map – and yes, this card is surprisingly big. Not entirely at the level of Call of Duty, but in any case impressive.

You will recognize many of the functions, items, recovery magic and much more. It’s a good formula, why should you change them too much?

The big, where you should be prepared here – what shocked me – is that zombies can actually spawn everywhere and do not need to enter the card through a window or a normal spawn point. This can mean that things can be hectic very quickly without expecting it, even if they have built defenses. Unhappy.

1 Shooted it down

That’s clear, right? Place zombies in a row and shoot them in the head. What else do you need to hear?

As in the usual zombiemodi, you can buy weapons from the walls. That’s good, if you want a reliable weapon for which you easily get new ammunition, but you will definitely achieve better results – usually at least – from the secret chest.

What is Deadman Mode?

The Mystery Chest gives you a random weapon for a modest donation of coins and can give you really powerful, fearful weapons. And you will want to make sure you have mighty weapons in the last round …

2 upgrades, power-ups

Zombies often drop buffs and useful objects that light up on the floor. A lack of ammunition, pointing, which are all nice stuff, but do not go as much as the tonic.

You can buy tonic, which gives you an additional revival or an attack reinforcement. These are incredibly helpful and facilitate navigation by the Zombie Hort. They are therefore recommended.

Of course, the things that drop the zombies are nice, but they should not rely on a strategy.

3 Boss Monster

After the last wave, you are in a new arena against a boss monster, similar to Battle Royale mode.

You will compete against a huge ball sponge from which you want to keep away while shooting zombies and other attackers. Make sure your team stays fighting. You need your help.

Boss Monster align great damage, but luckily you can use rocket launcher on stage, and the weapons you can buy in the arena are very powerful.

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