Lords Mobile To unlock and improve your troops on level 5

Iggs Megahit lords mobile celebrates its 4th birthday. In the last four years, millions of players have forged their own mighty kingdoms. Countless guilds were founded, assembled, set to zero and rebuilt to win the victory. Armies of troops were formed by fresh from the barracks for animal 2, 3 and 4.

Now there is a new stage we need to work on. The lord’s mobile anniversary update introduces animal 5 and promises space to become even stronger. To unlock it – and what you should look forward to this latest update.

Build a moon foundry

Lunar Foundries produce and store LUNITE, an important resource for upgrading troops on stage 5. To build a Lunar Foundry, you must reach the level 25 of the Academy and completed Lunar Foundry research. Assuming these boxes are ticked, the next step is to stop Scharmützel 2 and unlock the gloss mine. If you tap on the shiny mine, you can build your own moon fire your kingdom.

Craft Luminous Gear

The LUNITE manufactured by its newly opened Lunar Foundry is used to make Luminous Gear – the special equipment that transforms animal 4 troops in Tier 5. In addition to LUNITE you have to store many of the five main supplies lords mobile resources: food, wood, ore, stones and gold. Once you have collected the required resources, you can start crafting. If you are in a hurry, use the new acceleration objects to shorten the manufacturing time.

turns animal 5 types free

Now you may be able to make glowing equipment, but it’s all for free if you have not researched one or more troop types until level 5. Invest in exploring your ranged, cavalry, infantry and siege types to prepare them. Then you can use the barracks Luminous Gear to your troops and start building your battalion of animal 5 fighters.

First Step to the T5 PUSH! Unlocking the Foundry! Lords Mobile

Heal your animal 5 troops

As powerful she may be, animal 5 troops are not invincible. If you are wounded, you need the LUNITE manufactured by your moon foundry to heal you over the infirmary.

More Jubilee Goodies

During the anniversary event, players are available to players with which they can accelerate their animal 5-research and collecting resources. First, there are Research Rush, a 30% discount on time and resources. Then there are the login gifts. Just sign up daily for the eight days of the event period to get a different reward every day, which ranges from archaic books and birthday crowns to speed ups and winged boots. IgG has announced further exciting updates, including upgrades on servers, hero models and graphics.

Celebrate lords mobile 4 . Birthday and give your troops Animal 5. lords mobile is available free of charge on Google Play, the Appstoreund Steam.

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