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Leiden Show County won the original

The primary was on September 3, the rineage 2m and Blot of Blessed, and the third largest sales game in Korea. On the past two days, Lineage M, 2, and Lineage 2M, three of NCsoft games were ranked side by side, 2, 3, and 4th, but only one month in day, the Mobile game shook the best confrontation. Especially, it is a new one, which has been on the size of 2, and it attracted attention that it has been achieved that it was a new scale.

The primary on September last year has recorded the third place of Google's sales in October. Based on sales ranking, it is possible to recover the level of firepower immediately after the release. The driving force comes from a new character that appeared in a game that appeared in a game through a 2.1 patch that has been on the last day. The Leader and Story of Inazuma, the Ledisson Shoot, which appeared as the final boss, Kujara, who assists to the Leiden Show Army, and Coronomiya Cocomi, who conformed to the Leiden Show Army, appeared through 2.1 patches.

Three characters were in the state of Inazuma Story, and the interest in this is analyzed that it was significantly higher in the update. In July 2.0 Update in July 2.0 Update Inazuma was a large-scale update that would solve new content thirst, and both stories and characters have received favor. Therefore, among the users, the Width of Ledissan, such as the Liden Show, came to the concern as a play character.

i played MLB THE SHOW 17 in 2020.. In fact, Mihi, who has actually developed the primary, introduced the main contents of 2.1 patches, including the entrepreneurial character through online broadcasting on August 21. On the 21st, the day of the day has risen the portal search volume. And even on September 1, the search volume was greatly jumped. Many interests seem to have been focused on the part that they can meet the major characters as play characters.

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