V4 s Reaper Class Arrives With Occasions and a New Skillbook System for All Courses

COMPUTER and also mobile cross-platform MMO _ V4 _ simply just obtained its biggest upgrade of the year. Nexon’s centerpiece is the brand-new Reaper class, however the upgrade also alters the way personalities can ability up for every one of its courses with 2 brand-new systems.

The Reaper is a mid-range damages dealership that utilizes a lance as well as a scythe, which is fitting for the rapid, tough hitting class. Even colder is the Reaper’s weapon can change in different means based upon skills, so this brand-new class is going to be one to watch. And all courses will be obtaining some serious new upgrades as well as abilities.

The upgrade comes with new thing collections at all equipment levels to accumulate as well as a new Ability Proficiency system. Skill Proficiency unlocks as soon as a personality reaches degree 20 in even more than one active ability in the quality. The capability to personalize and have a good time with your characters will certainly additionally expand with the addition of Legendary Class Skills. Each class obtains to unlock an unique impressive Legendary Class Skill by means of the brand-new skillbook system. The Reaper’s ability is called Punishing Thunderclap as well as it resembles a vindictive blast of lightning that strikes hard.

The update additionally brings with it numerous occasions that introduce these brand-new systems however additionally give means to obtain skillbooks and also other rewards for logging in or completing goals and obstacles.

These special occasions will certainly run in stages throughout September and also will let players exchange certain products for brand-new Reaper gear, obtain skillbooks, as well as even to just catch some loot from just visiting daily. That loot can truly add up, especially when some are Epic devices, Fine Set tokens and also 2,000,000 gold.

For a lot more on the _ V4 _ Reaper update, the video game altering new Legendary Abilities or the events as well as how to get all that pleasant loot, you can go to the V4 upgrade page. For our impacts of _ V4 _, as well as exactly how well it places the MMO in your pocket as well as COMPUTER, have a look at our testimonial of the original launch.

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