The customization options of CSR Racing 2 will be with the new Elite Customs

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CSR Racing 2 remains one of the best racing games for mobile phones. Visually impressive, contents and excellent on the track, the dream of a racing enthusiast is true. Now Zynga prepares to introduce a brand new personalization function called Elite Customs, which builds on the already extensive customization options of the game.

This completely revises your garage in the game and offers improvements over the performance adjustment of the current version for your car collection. You now have access to exclusive special colors, coatings and interior design options as well as wheel-upgrades and license plate mods. Now the complete control over vehicle label is also available so that you can add numbers, crew names, your name and country flags.

You can earn some important elite parts by gaining in the PVP showdown mode of the game. These can then be used to adjust your collection and improve the overall performance of your vehicles. The more victories you achieve, the more fusion upgrades, star rarity boosts and rp bonuses are available.

  • The best cars in CSR Racing 2 in every class

A big charm of CSR2 is that you can collect the cars of your dreams and race. With this function, you can now customize your rides to demonstrate your identity as a racer, said Julian Widdows, Vice President of CSR2. Elite Customs brings the performance of their cars with additional fusion slots and better mounted parts on a never previously seen level.

While only eight legends vehicles can modify only eight legend vehicles, more will be planned in the future.

Since its introduction to iOS and Android, we have treated a good deal in 2016. Our rating from the start was predominantly positive. Recensent Matt Suckley named it An exceptionally pretty and compulsive drag-racing game, but no revolution. CSR2 has since changed and improved since then, with a considerable player base being maintained.

If you have not tried it yet, you can now download CSR Racing 2 as a free title from both AppStore and Google Play.

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