Pok mon Journeys All The Ways Goh representa Pok mon Go

When it was launched for the first time, the Pokémon Go mobile game made big waves and beat records. Now, after celebrating its fifth anniversary, part of the enthusiasm has decreased, but it is still quite popular. And, as they usually do with their games, there is a lot of evidence that they have even linked the mobile game to their last Pokémon anime.


Travel Pokémon is the current anime of Pokémon, which begins in Japan at the end of 2019. This series follows a slightly different approach to other series, since the main character Ash is not completely the main character. He has a partner, which is normal in the anime, but this partner is different in the way he is, in many ways, the main character. This is a common criticism of the series, since Pokémon fanatics love Ash, but it makes sense. It may seem abstract at first, but there is a lot of evidence to try it: Goh is a personified representation of the Pokémon Go mobile game.

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GOH meets Ash at the beginning of the series and has very clear the intentions of him from the beginning. Goh wants to catch all the Pokémon that exist, with the elusive mew as the number one goal. He is noisy and is very knowledgeable about Pokémon, different species and the skills of him, and he has many of the main ones …

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