The best weapons in Call of Duty Mobile

Publication in October 2019, Call of Duty: Mobile is a free-to-play shooter published by Activision. A constantly evolving online experience based on famous Call of Duty characters and cards from different current and earlier titles. Below are two detailed descriptions and breakdowns of some of the best weapons for three main categories in Call of Duty: Mobile. From assault rifles to machine guns to shotgun.

Best assault rifles COD Mobile

At the beginning of the weapons list, the assault rifle Peacekeeper MK2, which requires thirty head shots to unlock. Perfect for medium to long distances, the Peacekeeper is characterized by its high mobility statistics. With a weapon with the range of a storm rifle and the momentum of a submachine gun, the pace is a guarantee of penetrating in enemy spawns with speed and precision. Paired with a recoil control handle and a silencer to keep you away from the enemy player’s radar. The rifle scope is optional, since the visor of the base weapon is very reliable.

Peace Monitor MK2

Second, the Peacekeeper MK2 follows the As-Val, which also requires thirty headshot medals for unlocking. With a built-in silencer as a bonus, this weapon can still be adapted with five additional attachments, including the silencer. For players who focus on making themselves the most of the personal weapons selection, the options of the As-Val help that it is easy to insert into the style of each player. Similar to Peacekeeper MK2, mobility is a high statistic that brings the speed to the point again. Including the highest fire rate among the assault rifles, adding an extended magazine would definitely help to combat large groups of enemies at the same time.


Best Machine Guns COD Mobile

To start machine guns, the PDW-57 is a classic gun from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The PDW is easy to unlock and one of the first additional weapons you deserve. Combine this with a 50-shot clip with a stable handle, an optional riflescope and a silencer for the best secret and yet aggressive approach. An extended magazine is also possible, but while the PDW 57 already brings fifty shot without special clips, adding attachments to another place is sure to choose the better choice. SMGS throughout the line provide mobility and accuracy, regardless of the choice.


In addition, the MSMC is a worthy successor to the PDW. Another classic from the same era like the PDW. Equipped with the highest mobility statistics in the class of machine guns, the MSMC also brings a fire rate of 92. Perfect for close-up and personal encounters. While this is beneficial, but the recoil will accurately throw players from the train. Also decide for a recoil control handle with a Weapon’s Weapon Prize, these two are a standard that the MSMC requires. In addition, the SMG becomes even stronger due to a prolonged run for easier intervention on medium to large distances.


Best Shotgun Cod Mobile

In terms of different shotguns that can be used in Call of Duty: Mobile, three are easily unlockable. While the later weapons for unlocking require a stage forty-five. The most outstanding of this three is the semi-automatic striker, which brings a damage statistics of one-hundred and senior times at short distance. Paired with an equipped extended run and a quick reputation clip, groups of enemies can be easily disassembled. In addition, the striker is very good for hipfire, rather than going down to go. This is in my opinion the first shotgun when it is released once.


An alternative could also be the HS0405 based on the ranger shot of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This melee weapon is concentrating on the pump-action style in contrast to the striker. Deadly in the near area, the recharge speed is what HS0405 is the most hurts. In addition, a pumpkin weapon requires a higher level of accuracy, but with accuracy is also rewarded. For players looking for a more practical weapon for short distances, the HS0405 is a worthy candidate.

Call of Duty®: Mobile by Activision Publishing, Inc.

Call of Duty: Mobile is available in all countries that support Google Play and the App Store

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