Lol A young midlan is so damn good that even experts are worshiping him

The Organization of Legends Globe Champion (typically abbreviated as Worlds) is the annual professional League of Legends globe championship tournament hosted by Trouble Gamings as well as is the conclusion of each season. Groups compete for the champ title, the 70-pound (32-kilogram) Summoner s Mug, as well as a multi-million-dollar champion reward. In 2018, the final was enjoyed by 99.6 million people, damaging 2017 s last s customer record. The competition has actually been commended for its ceremonial efficiencies, while getting attention worldwide as a result of its dramatic and psychological nature.The League of Legends Globe Championships has actually gained tremendous success and also popularity, making it amongst the globe s most prominent and also watched tournaments, along with one of the most seen video game worldwide. Due to its success, esports scenes ended up being famous as well as extensively seen as a possible Olympics occasion, currently being included as a medal event in the 2022 Oriental Games.The tournament revolves its venues across different significant countries and also areas every year. South Korea s T1 is the most successful team in the competition s background, having won three world champions.

The 20-year-old Jeong Chovy Ji-Hoon enjoys a special reputation in the League of Legends: he has practically led his team Hamwaha Life single-handedly to the Worlds LOL 2021. His fans in the west and some experts call the team Church of Chovy – that seems to please him.

That s Chovy:

Chovy is a young lol player who came out of nothing. He was a protégé of the controversial, but ingenious coach Cvmax, which proved a sense of young Lol talents and have already found and shaped some stars of the future. With CVMAX, Chovy 2019 (Griffin) and 2020 (Dragonx) managed to the Lol Worlds. These were both team whose player had found and built CVMAX itself.
2021 Chovy will play again at the Worlds: He is the only well-known player of Hanwah Life , a team that does not belong to the first guard in Korean lol.
Chovy is considered an absolute midline star in the Korean league Lck. He is known for being practically gaining his lane, so more mobs kills than his opponent. As his favorite champs, Zoe, Orianna, Azir, Sylas and Gallio apply.

Before our Lord and Redeemer, before he kills the unbelieving solo

This is special: The fans of Chovy in Europe and the United States call themselves The Church of Chovy (church of Chovy), so they also call his team. The Analyst and Content Creator, Nicholas LS de Cesare has claimed the title of the religion head. At all, Chovy is the darling at the professional western capters of the Korean league Lck. He is someone who is blackened.

When Chovy was addressed in an interview that his fans speak in the west of the Church of Chovy , he said:

I ve never heard of it until, but I m incredibly glad that I get so much support.

He look forward to the great overseas support. That feels very significant and fulfilling.

Apparently, the Church of Chovy has meanwhile also talked around his team (cover picture).

So was 2021 for Chovy: The spring season ran for Chovy and his team, Hamwha Life, pretty good. He was changed to the team after Dragonx dropped apart after the Lol Worlds 2020. In Spring Split, Hamwaha Life then played 12-6 and reached 3rd place in the regular season and in the playoffs.

But the Spring Split is not much value in Lol, which there are no places for the Worlds.

The Summer Split 2021 showed the team weaker. In the end it reached with 7-11 win only for 8th place in the league. There was no room in the playoffs anymore.

Chovy then had to qualify about the last chance : about the regional finals. Here Hamwha Life was actually able to earn himself on the last pusher to the fourth and last place of Korea at the Lol Worlds 2021.

Hamwha Life is now playing in the Play-ins of the Lol Worlds 2021 and is expected to massacrate every team that the bad luck has to get in the way.

How Dominant is Chovy, you can see at its values ​​in the regional finals. There he played in 12 games a kDa of 8.3. Lol-legend Faker managed to play 5 in the regional finals only on a kDa of 4.3.

What can we expect from Chovy at the Worlds? 2021 Let s see some of the world s strongest midlayers at the Worlds 2021. Besides Chovy, Showmaker (Damwon Gaming), Doinb (Funplus Phoenix) and the Legendary Faker (T1) to play.

For Chovy it will be the third Worlds, probably 2021 will not be enough for the very large run, but Chovy can continue to work on his legend.

On the world champion, Chovy might bring if Faker goes in pension and then urgently addicts a new midlan.

Maybe T1 will then find in a church.

One of the most exciting new supporters in South Korea, is Keria (T1), with which Chovy had played together at Dragonx:

An 18-year-old is considered monster and genius – he plays the most ungradive role

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