Com2us New collection type RPG Valkyrie Rush Global Dictionary Reservations

[Data provided: Com2us]

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\ – Com2us, Self-Earth and Novakore s shooting-based new game Global Dictionary Book

\ – Prior to global launch, Soft launch progress in Australia, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand 4 countries

\ – Easy operation sense and neglect play, various kinds of Valkyrie collection and fostering content Global market attacks

Mobile Games Corporate Com2s said today (27th) today (27th), conducting a global dictionary reservation of the new collection of Novako, which is developed by Nova Core.

is a feature-based game that Com2us is a feature-based game, and it is characterized by that everyone can enjoy and fun as much as possible, with easy operation, including touch and drag.

Com2us is a global dictionary reservation progress, at the same time, at the same time, at the same time, in four countries such as Australia, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, and introduces the charm of Valkiri Rush to the local users prior to global launch.

Valkyrie means the name of the Nordic myth in the Nordic Shinhwa, and the Balkiri Rush, the goddess of the light, Lumi , the beautiful and strong Volkie goddess characters, such as Rivie , and the beautiful and powerful Valkyrie goddess characters such as Rivie appeared.

Users can attack the enemy, such as moving the summoned Valkyrie, and can fleen the pleasure of character collection and cultivation, such as using goods acquired through combat, and grows directly to the Valkyrie.

Meanwhile, various events are also held to commemorate this global dictionary reservation. Com2us provides users who participate in advance reservations and provide additional benefits with Naver, including unlimited listening to Naver Vibe, with an available item rewards.

In addition, if you share a pre-book page link to Valkyrie Rush> to Personal SNS, events to present a gift through lottery are also proceeding.

For more information on this global advance reservation, see Dictionary Reservation Page .

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