Aurora Studios Wannai Major M Giga 2021 Exhibits

Tencent Litual Developer Aurora Studios said on the 22nd Mobile MMORPG Tianyuan M.

The Aurora Studio plans to disclose Wihan Moon M in Gusta 2021, which is held from November 17 to November 21, from Busan.

In this Gusta booth, the first time the game video is the first time of the game, the first time the game is open, a variety of events that utilize the customization system in the game, Wanniei Fashion Show, PVP match of the famous influenza. Booth details program and game related contents are disclosed later.

The Wannai Moon M was produced with high-quality graphics and evolved content through its own engine quick silver of Aurora Studios.

It also provides a high immersion degree of superior, as well as realization of weather changes such as daytime, night, snow falling or raining.

More details on Wan-myeon Moon M will be released sequentially.

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