An expert explains what is the biggest problem of LOL

Yiliang Peter Peng (Chinese: 彭亦亮; pinyin: Péng Yìliàng), much better known as Doublelift, is an American content developer, banner, and also former professional Organization of Legends player. He previously played for Counter Reasoning Pc Gaming, Team Liquid and also Team SoloMid.

The 28-year-old Yilang Doublelift Peng is 8-fold US Champion Inleague of Legends. The ex-professional is now working as a twitch streamer and explains what in his opinion in October 2021 is the biggest problem in Lol: players are too fast on full life when they come in distress.

This is Doublelift :

Doublelift is a legendary Botlaner, who became Master Master in the US with TSM, Team Liquid and CLG. For many, he was, besides Bjergsen, the dominant figure in the US LOL of the last 10 years.
Doublelift fell on again and again by crass statements. He does not hesitate to criticize other players and teams: Just on his own league, the LCS, and North America, he often raced himself: Everyone is garbage, is one of his most famous sentences.
Now he deals with what disturbs him at LOL: there is too much healing, shields and lifeline in the game.

Omnivamp heals too fast heroes from 0 to 100

What is the occasion for the complaint? Riot Games has changed the item Goredrinker on the test server. The item now has 8% Omnivamp:

Omnivamp is a relatively new stat in LOL: The transforms a percentage of physical, magical and true damage in health.
Unlike lifeline, which is only calculated on auto attacks, that s a value that scales with all damage.

Too much at LOL is based on ridiculous high healing

says Doubelift : The Botlaner says (via youtube), the game would be so balanced at the moment that

C9 vs TL - Game 1 | Grand Finals LCS 2021 Mid-Season Showdown | Cloud 9 vs Team Liquid G1 full game
You can die very quickly
You can also get a lot of hopes very quickly.

How often did you see a clip in which an Aphelios heals by 1000 HP with each car-Attack? How many times have you seen a Bruiser whose HP has jumped up between 0 and 100? They are at 1%, then procct their shield, life-tale skin pure, back to full HP. So much of the game is based on a ridiculous high healing.


How can lol be solved? Doublelift says the problem is now that you can only kill a heroine like Fiora with goredrinker by getting her with outstanding damage, otherwise Vampe you get out of everything. The healing should be so high so that it works in the current High Damage Lol at all.

If you remove the extreme damage from Lol and reduced it, you make the game slower, people could better follow him and it would be possible to reduce the extreme healing and shield effects.

Doublelift believes, ultimately the main problem is that so much healing and shields are in the game. He would wish Riot Games reduced.

Doublelift has developed some radical views after many years in the Business Lol Professional :

US star says: One will only be pro in LOL, if you play selfish – that s overgrowth

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