Brawllala arrives on mobile next week

Brawllala, Ubisoft s free combat game, is officially speaking on mobile next week. Brawllala offers multilayer fights of 2D Smash Bros style. With characters such as Rayman, Shovel Knight and Hellboy. Ubisoft recently confirmed that Brawllala will come out for iOS and Android on August 6 and that the crossed game will be supported on the mobile versions, console and PC of the game. Players who prescribe for the game before the output can unlock an exclusive skin to use in the game when leaving. Brawllala is currently available for free on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac.

Blue Mammoth Games s mobile version does not seem to be a drastic demotion of the console and PC version, the graphics seems almost identical in the trailer. The trailer boasts an existing 40 million players base that already play in Brawllala and the possibility of playing with existing fans from the first day when it comes on mobile in August. The game will be released with 50 legends to choose from mobile devices, offering mobile players a wide variety of characters to choose from the start.

Brawlla de Blue Mammoth Games is originally released for PC and Mac in 2014, then finally found themselves on the consoles of the current generation and now it goes out for mobile devices. The community has slowly developed over the years and the crossed game between each platform in August will continue to raise the bar for the Free-To-Play of Ubisoft. The pre-registration in Brawllala Mobile gives you an exclusive skin, but the Battle Pass and the Skin Shop will be on mobile when leaving, the players will have many opportunities to catch up with their skin game.

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