Cacao Games News Score SK Roll Action RPG Gadis Order

Phil Walker-Harding ( 1981 in Wollongong, Australia) is an Australian game author, which is known for the 2016 for the Jury Prize game of the Year Nominated Board Game Imhotep: Builder Egypt.

Cacao Games released the BI and main image of the new Mobile RPG Gadis Order , which was developed by the Road Complete on the 18th.

Mobile Expectation New Gardis Order can feel the fun of collecting and nurturing the immersion and cropping of the crotching of the midst of the medieval fantasy world view, and an exciting action giving and cultivating the craftsmen characters. Implement dot graphics that stimulate perfume, and brake, hit, and guardians, such as brakes, and a variety of combat systems. In addition, a solid story and a variety of stages, including the adventure of the past and the future, has enjoyed the fun of action games such as various stages.

The main image released this time is the Risbet , the Violet , and the Yan , and the Yan , the Yan , and the mysterious game atmosphere for the Gardis Order .

Kadis Order is a game in the development of the Cruseder Quest , which recorded 2,500 million Global accumulated downloads, and is a game in the Load Complete, aimed at the launch of domestic and global during next year.

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Meanwhile, Cacao Games plans to serve concrete game information such as the main content and launch schedule of Gardis Order .

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