Daily 10 drawing goods payment Armia The first test of destiny

Five X Games said that its mobile RPG Armia: Destiny is a private test until the 18th of the day.

This test proceeds to 6,000 users who have been selected as a tester through preliminary applications in the official cafe. Currently, it is possible to participate in application at the official cafe, but if all of the final 6,000 personnel constraints are met, no more participation is impossible.

Five X Games Side is a dictionary of Armia: Unique game performance with the god of destiny, and in November minimizes the problem that occurs during testing, and the same problem is not the same as the testimony of the pre-inspection dimension. It is a policy to dedicate to tune.

During the test period, 3,000 new tongue is paid due to daily compensation, and the content associated with the test participation and community can be confirmed through the official café.

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