Rank Analysis The first time this year

Diablo 2 rankings were aggregated by integrating Diablo 2 and Diablo 2: Reviews.

The battle ground (Bag), who was protecting TOP5 throughout this year, was pushed for sixth this week. In the past, the Bag is called Call of Duty: It was a temporary decline at the time of the release of Woozhu, but he finally won the battle in the first time, Since then this year, Roast Arc station driving, Diablo 2: Launch of leisure, and has been steadily observed in popularity in the past.


However, it is confirmed that the main indicators are brought to the main indicators, however, that the firepower of the battle ground is weaker. October PC room usage dropped slightly to September, and steam user treasury has maintained 39,000 people in the top of this year, but it was 330,000 people in the past one week. It is clear that the overall user number is in decrease.

However, if you look at the whole battle ground IP, it is close to the depression than the decline. The biggest part is Bag Mobile. In the second quarter of this year, Krafton sales are higher than the PC, the proportion of mobile, and the title toward mobile sales is Bag Mobile. In particular, Krahtone has explained that the Bag Mobile has recorded the largest quarterly sales in the second quarter.

Battlegrounds have steamed their first steps in steam, but they have been actively advancing to other platforms such as consoles and mobile. Among them, the Bag Mobile is moving to a PC and a mobile two-way system while the mobile is climbing to a certain orbit. Although the firepower of the PC Bag is lower than the convention, it is not worrying if it looks away. However, it is the wind to be steadily supported by mobile support so that PC users who have been working together for a long time could satisfy.

Lineage and Wow, MMORPG beef accompanying

In this week, Lineage and World of Warcraft fell on the 18th and 19th place. Both games are the lowest rankings this year. Both games are a major difference in time, but they have dominated MMORPG in those days. Several factors seem to have affected the decline in the two counties. Indirectly, there is a powerful New Face Odin, which does not stop the attack.

Directly, Lineage seems to have been part of the newly created Lineage and the launch of the remake, and it seems to have been part of the user. Subsequently, wow is the delay of updates that are pointed out from the land of Darkness, and there is a side in which concentration is dispersed in the context of the attached to the occasional situation in both internally and outside. Still, in the case of Wow, 9.1.5 patches that reduce repeatable play burden will be applied to the next week, so it is expected to rebound next week.

In the middle of the year, the original was 28th in the past five-steps. The primary rode a sharp rise in the second update of new areas in early September. Since then, the main update was conducted at a month, and it seemed to be stable, but the thermal power is gradually decreased, and the 2.2 patch, which was held on October 13, seems to be lowered. A 2.3 patch scheduled for 24 days is a part that will reveal the primary on the primary.

Finally, in the subordinate, a domestic game that revealed a steam in steam in the teeth. Immediately after the release, the steam is increasing the simultaneous connection and reaches 75,000 people on 3 days. The ranking itself is low on 48th, but Mir 4 PC version has been shown in the situation where the version of MIR only has been served in overseas, but it is not possible to be interested in the game in Korea. Mir 4 has increased its portal search quantity this week, and foreign performance and news is also communicated to Korea and the gaze seems to be concentrated.

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