The Democratic Battle of Democratic Candidates

In addition, Lee Pre-noting, a member of the Democratic presidential candidate, announced his promotional doctor for the E-Sports Commercial team.

14 Democratic candidates battle for votes ahead of Iowa caucuses

Lee Joe Mung Candidate is 15 days. Join the E-Sports Department of Installation by participating in the Congress Meeting of the National Assembly Meeting of the National Assembly E-Sports Development at the National Assembly Hall. What is the opportunity to go to the army, the army is not suffering, not suffering, and will be an opportunity to participate in the international convention, he said.

Although there is no E-sports business team in the country, there was no sporting business team, but in 2012, the Air Force Ace closed the door and then broken. E-sports are short on the player s life, and there are many cases where the career is disconnected as the active player and the coach of the active players. Indeed, I am going to have a Kan Kim Donging, who played on the Rolling Cup final this year, In addition, e-sports is selected as an Asian game stock, and the need for formal physical education and business teams has been steadily mentioned.

In October, there was a query related to the E-Sports Commercial Team installation in the Cultural Physical Education Tourist States, and the Physical Education Lee Cheung, who has been in charge of the E-Sports Commerce Team, In the case of the National Army Physical Education Forces, (on the Korean E-Sports Association (on the Korean E-Sports Association), we prepare for Aquarius, and submit a proposal (Join the Gymnasium Associate Association)) I have said.

Lee Vietnam, who is on the presidential candidate, who is a great presidential candidate, participated in the E-Sports related events and has voiced in Changing Teams. This candidate revealed a celebration message on the Circle Kia Rolled Cup Jun woo through the official Instagram on the 3rd. In the Rolled Cup, Korean LACK, the Seminary Team, made the valuable level. It is very good. I am also congratulations on China EDGE, who won the win, Korea is the best e-sports powers that the world recognizes. The fourth round of the tournament said that the team of Korea team has entered the team,

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At that time, this candidate said, I will not be able to save young gamers in a more safe and good environment, I will not spare to work in a safer and good environment. I revealed the support of support. He said, Forced shutdown, which is mocked with the Cinderella law, and the game was a shaking of the game, he said.

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