Halo Infinite best weapons the best weapons for the multiplayer

What are the best weapons of Halo Infinite? Since the Halo Infinite multiplayer rumors should start early, the Spartans plan their strategies to be successful in the arena and exceed their opponents on the battlefield. However, since there are no traditional multiplayer features such as classes and loadouts, it is not always a guarantee to find the best Halo Infinite weapons.

Since weapons are available only as a pick-up on cards in Big Team Battle and the different arena modes, you have to look for the best weapons on each card. With 21 weapons already confirmed for the game, the best weapons in Halo Infinite range from precise and precise assault rifles to powerful melee weapons.

Continue to see our selection for the best weapons of Halo Infinite based on our test flights at the beginning of the year. Remember that this is our decisions for multiplayer mode.

Halo Infinite Best Guns

Here are seven of our choices for the best weapons in Halo Infinite:

Best rifle: VK78 Commando
Best rifle: BR75 fight gun
Best Sniper Rifle: SRS99-S7 Am
Best anti-vehicle: spit
the best special weapon: shock rifle
Best melee weapon: gravity hammer
Best pistol: Needle

VK78 command

While the start-assault rifle is from the beginning a good weapon, you should upgrade to the VK78 command if you want to achieve Kill Streaks in multiplayer mode, if it is available at the Spawn locations around the maps.

This weapon is high-precision and can quickly achieve kills if you are consistent with your shots. When you play on the PC or use a mouse and a keyboard on the console, this weapon can really increase your performance, especially if you climb this Halo Infinite ranks.

BR75 fight gun

The VK78 is not exactly enough for them? If you want a weapon that is ridiculous precisely, then the BR75 Battle Rifle should be on your radar.

With semi-automatic fire, you lose the ability to fire shots quickly. However, the accuracy offered is a worthwhile compromise, as the BR75 is able to defeat enemies with only a few shots. If you chase headshots for weekly challenges or just want to achieve kills, this is a good choice.


Would you like to shoot from afar or fire epic trick shots while lying on the Big Team Battle cards from Halo Infinite? The sniper rifle SRS99-S7 AM is one of the best weapons for this job.

Built for long distances, you can easily dominate a bottleneck or corner of the card if you place yourself and place your shots targeted.


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If you play Big Team Battle, the spit is one of the best weapons in Halo Infinite. It fires an extremely deadly and precise projectile, can break through vehicles and even destroy lighter with a shot.

In addition to its strength against mobile planes and land vehicles, the spit is also able to make players in Arena and Big Team Battle with a shot, which makes him one of the most deadly weapons in the game.

shock rifle

The shock rifle is one of the special weapons in Halo Infinite, and when used, it can bounce off enemies and objects to meet several enemies at the same time.

As such, the Shock Rifle is characterized by the fact that it closes bottlenecks and corridors in the arena instead of the open fields of Big Team Battle. On the right card it is easily one of the best weapons in Halo Infinite.

Gravity hammer

If you focus on the melee and want to kill enemies in no time, there is no better weapon than the gravity hammer.

The weapon supplies one-hit kills with a gigantic bang and is best suited to crazy enemies in narrow, limited multiplayer cards around corners.


As with other halo games, the Needle is more of a situational weapon than some of the other best weapons in Halo Infinite. With his ability to pursue goals, it is best used to hold enemies in a medium distance from come to close.

The Needle does not harm the strongest damage, but when enemies are made of seven of his violet sting shots, an explosion is triggered, causing significant damage.

This covers all best weapons from Halo Infinite. Further tips and information During the 1st Season of Halo Infinite you will find our overview of how you get the Yoroi-Samurai Armor in Halo Infinite.

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