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The first multiplayer Halo Infinite update is live the patch notes are revealed

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After its launch earlier this week, 343 Industries has launched its first update for the multiplayer component of HALO INFINITE. Although 343 made some small adjustments to the latest delivery of the long-term shooting series yesterday with their battle pass, todays patch is actually the first formal update of the game that has been launched. However, as expected, update itself does not long ago.

In a general sense, the most remarkable thing that this update for Halo Infinite achieves implies the currency of the game. Those who have been playing on PC have noticed that if you buy currency for Halo Infinite on a platform out of Steam, when you are going to play the Steam version of the game, the coin you could own does not appear. Fortunately, this patch should now solve this problem, which means that I should not continue here on.

Apart from this, 343 points out that it has also performed some stability improvements, especially with the game mode Big Team Battle. It also points out that other general improvements for Halo Infinite on the service side, but it does not take into account what they are specifically.

While this is only the first update that infinite has received, we will surely obtain more in the period prior to the official launch date of the game. As for when that is, Halo infinite will be formally launched on December 8 and will arrive at Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC.

If you want to consult the full notes of todays news patch Halo infinity Update, you can take a look at you.

Patch notes

Halo credits purchased outside Steam, for example in Microsoft Store, are now reflected by playing Halo Infinite in Steam. The round bug rounds now have a 5-minute timer in the pairing Stability improvements in Big Team Battle games Various improvements related to the service

Expected download size for update:

Halo Infinite | Multiplayer Reveal Trailer - A New Generation

Microsoft Store and the Xbox application: Maximum size of 720 MB Xbox consoles: maximum size of 710 MB Steam: Maximum size of 130 MB

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