Fortless M Service Developer Turn to Sei Al Content Tree

The Thrown of the Three Cultivate Tree has been able to directly service Mobile Shooting Game Fortress M directly developed on the 19th. I received business rights from Existing Publisher Pangs, and completed the service transfer on the last 19 days.

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Fortress M has been based on a three-year service, based on the portlets IP that was popular in the early 2000s. The Representative of the Set Al Content Tree LIM Jonathan said, After the Fortress M service transfer, he tries to realize a total of nine development plans, such as infinite tower, skin & costume, and braid, said Global Services. I will raise the service.

In addition, the GS25 Fortress Championship, which has been hosted by GS Retail this year, followed by the 2nd Fortress Championships. In addition, we will serve as Global Danville Building in Asia in January next year.

For more information about the game, you can see in the Fortress M official café.

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