PlayStation patent New controller could make your phone to your handheld

Sony Interactive Enjoyment (SHE), formerly understood as Sony Computer Enjoyment (SHE), is an international video clip game and digital amusement firm wholly owned by Japanese international corporation Sony Team Firm. The SHE Team is made up of two lawful business entities: Sony Interactive Amusement LLC (SHE LLC) based in San Mateo, California, United States, and Sony Interactive Home Entertainment Inc. (SHE Inc.), based in Into, Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo-based SHE Inc. was originally founded as Sony Computer Enjoyment Inc. (SCSI or SHE) in November 1993 to deal with Sony’s endeavor into computer game growth for the PlayStation systems. SHE LLC was developed in San Mateo in April 2016, and also is managed with Sony’s American branch, Sony Company of America. Since the launch of the initial PlayStation console in 1994, the business has actually been creating PlayStation home computer game consoles, devices as well as services. The company expanded from Japan into North America and Europe, where it established the branches Sony Computer system Enjoyment America (SEA) in Might 1995 (in Foster City, The Golden State) as well as Sony Computer System Amusement Europe (SEE) in July 1995 (in Liverpool). The business swiftly came to be Sony’s major source for r & d in video games and also interactive enjoyment. In April 2016, SHE as well as Sony Network Enjoyment International was restructured as well as restructured right into Sony Interactive Enjoyment, bring over the operations and primary objectives from both firms. The same year, SHE LLC was developed, with its head office in San Mateo, California.
Sony Interactive Entertainment takes care of the r & d, production, and also sales of both software and hardware for the PlayStation computer game systems. SHE is also a programmer and author of computer game titles, and runs several subsidiaries in Sony’s biggest markets: North America, Europe and Asia. By August 2018, the company had actually marketed more than 525 million PlayStation gaming consoles worldwide.

Some PS Vita fans want a new handheld from the PlayStation team, but it will probably not come, because the company suggests another way. A patent published by Sony Japan shows that Sony build on existing hardware and connect it to the PlayStation brand (via NGC).

That’s behind Sony’s mobile patent

Mobile Controller: First, we have a controller in which a smartphone can be fitted. The patent drawing uses the design of the dual shock 4 of the PS4. The game pad is quasi cut through in the middle and connected by means of a smartphone holder. This can be tilted and even seems to make a motion control possible. The whole thing looks like a Nintendo Switch in PlayStation design.

Stream Box: Speaking of Switch — The smartphone controller should be able to communicate with a streaming box connected to a monitor. In this way we could gamble the games on the TV. It looks quite as if Sony are planning a hardware developed for this purpose. This not only remembers the switch but also to the Steam boxes of Valve.

PS Now and Remote Play: Streaming and Subscription Services are becoming increasingly important, also for Sony. In addition, the PlayStation team can also reach people with their streaming service PS NOW, which do not have PS4 or PS5 by streaming the games on a PC or just a smartphone. A separate mobile controller and the ability to transfer the image to a monitor, therefore, make absolutely meaning.

Another intended use is Remote Play. In this way we could use our PlayStation as a switch. Once the TV is occupied, we simply stream our games from the PS4 or PS5 to our smartphone and can continue to play.

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Sony attacks on the mobile market

The new hardware is probably part of Sony’s great mobile offensive. In addition to the PC smartphones and tablets should be fed more frequently with PlayStation games in the future. In the spring of this year, the place of the Head of Mobile was reopened with the former boss of Apple Arcade, Nicola Sebastian.

In the coming years, according to PlayStation boss Jim Ryan Diverse Playstation-Franchises are implemented for smartphones and complement the lineup on AAA games and live service games. The beginning makes Without Rush, a mix of card game and racing game, which should appear in the first months of the coming year.

Whether the Sony-Controlelr is really coming for mobile games, of course, is not yet fixed, so far it is only a design with the patent.

What do you think about the patent, and wish you more PlayStation title for mobile platforms?

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