e Sports Stripes Changzhou Detergent Benefits

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] E-Sports District Changchun Passed the National Assembly Council.

Congressional Finance Committee of the National Assembly (Citizenship of the National Assembly (Kyeong-jung) (Kyeonghwa’s power) passed the National Assembly of the National Assembly on the 2nd day of the ‘tax exemption limit law’ e Sports will be a formal exercise that is a regular exercise that is subject to detergent benefits from next year.

The amendment contains a 10% of the costs when a company establishes and operates an E-sports game end. At the entire meeting of the 30th Strategy Finance Committee, Yong Hyung John said, Even in the case of recreation, it will be considered to support the foundation and equity of the creativity.

Korea is an e-sports power that the world recognizes. Especially, e-sports are becoming more expensive for Korea’s e-sports of Korea, as E-sports are adopted as the Asian Games formal stocks, The domestic E-sports industry has been a high growth rate since 2017, and in 2019, the scale of about 22.8% YoY is increased by 22.8% YoY.

The problem is that the difference between investment and sales is also increasing continuously. The domestic E-sports industry is based on private investments such as ministers, but rapidly growing, but the difference in investment has reached about W45.0bn last year after 19270 million won in investment, and W35.26 million in 2019. Domestic pro-game teams are not even chronic deficits even where large companies operate.

The worker’s treatment is poor. Most of the coaching staffs were contracted, and the amateur players have not signed a written contract. Coaching staff and players are caused by the universe, with the unconventional process, and in the middle of the employment of employment.

On November 6th, the World E-Sports Competition ‘League of Legend World Championship’, China Professional Team Edward Gaming (EDGE: Edward Gaming) won, and two of the 9 players were Korean.

How will esports transition to a subscription model?

The government announced the Third Innovation Strategy in 2019, and established the E-Sports permanent stadium, established the E-Sports permanent stadium, and the establishment of a total of W3.8bn in the Budget, but the contents are limited to the establishment of the infrastructure for new tourism resources. There was a limit. If e-sports are added to the deduction of the company’s motion of the company and the destination of the operating tax deduction, it seems to be more fundamental support, such as reducing frequent dismantling of the club and improving the treatment of athletes and career.

While preparing the bill, Mr. You Hyung John confirmed that during the preparation of the bill, I confirmed that there is a deep sigh of the workers after the dazzling act of the workers, said, I said. I hope this revision raises the employment stability of the worker and contribute to guaranteeing the sustainability of the sports ecosystem.

Meanwhile, Yong Hyung John said, on October 25th, held a meeting for the improvement of the sports worker treatment and the industrial promotion of the industrial promotion, and surprised the development of the industry and seek the development of the industry. At the meeting, the industry workers, including Lee Jong-un, former President Kim Yeo-jin Hard Digital representative and PIO CIA Seung-hoon, and the PIO CIA Seung-hoon,

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