Banjo Kazooie will be the January N64 game on the Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online NEXT New N64 Game REVEALED! + Ocarina Of Time on NSO Gets an Update...

For a game per month, the Nintendo 64 catalog is clearly stretching at a senator’s pace. But all who subscribed a DLC supplement at the Nintendo Switch Online subscription will no doubt be delighted to find the Banjo-Kazooie duo with the update of the month of January. For little that you have not already done it at the time or on Xbox, in Live Arcade version or the Rare Replay compilation, so it will be the opportunity to find the Banjo bear and its volatile Kazoo compare in their first adventure. Between acute platforms and collection, the title is still so high among the most revered Nintendo 64 games. We take this opportunity to remember that the Additional Pack at the Nintendo Switch Online doubles the price of the subscription year, which passes from €19.99 to €39.99, and from €34.99 to €69.99 For the extended family version at eight accounts. Share your opinion ! Vote at GK Awards 2021 To participate

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