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Memory on Cocao Representative President

Major executives exercised the ratings 'stock options to eat' Eat 'controversy, and Aka, who was in controversy, has taken out the (?) (?)' S (?) I was going to launch a new representative at all that I did not have to go to the recruits, except for the replica of the water that caused the water of the water in the female representative system, which was scheduled to launch in March.

Nam Gong Hewn (CEO) is one of the best one of the best heights, Samsung SDS, as well as Kim Bamboo and Samsung SDS, one game (NHN). He was a long time to understand Kim Bamboo, and it is a person who understands a good understanding of the muscle and the direction of the cacao, as long as he led the game business of Cacao for many years.

Cacao seems to be a strategy that will be a strategy to be out of the crisis, which is a person who is strong in 'communication' in the context of the shareholders and employees, Can you recover the trust that you only replace the representative, says not only points, but it is not small, but it is also pounding to express expectations. Nam Gong Hewn, the representative of the Ceca, has raised Cacao as a global company, and it is interested in the industry's interest in the dismissal of employees, which is a complaint, such as performance compensation.

I met one of the old memories of him to meet and encountered in the process of coverage. Kim Bamboo, and the company's wind, the representative of the company, is a really salvation pitcher, and I have a personally scary that I can wisely overcome the crisis now. From the conclusion, I'm anticipated.

■ Representative of Nam Gong Hewn,

If the reporter's memories are correct, I heard that I met him close to Nam Gong Hewn, and I was in the end of 2009, CJ Internet (current net marble) in early 2010, and the early 2010, the early days of inauguration. The reporter, who sat in the nearby seat, and the reporter was able to listen directly to the had experienced an experienced NHN USA. At that time, the iPhone was just released in Korea. In the days of feature phone, people enjoyed a mobile game, but a game like a baseball that does not require a simple board game or a particularly difficult operation. The communication function was almost utilized in the game. The game is a pc online game such as a pc online game, Sudden Attack, 'Lineage', and 'FIFA Online'.

At that time, Nam Gong Hewn said, In the United States, when they are driving, they have enjoyed the mobile game when they eat or move, he said he was confident that the game utilization environment would completely change in mobile. Now it's like a very natural story, but at the time of the time, it was a time when a mobile game could replace an existing game.

Because the representative of the Nanchang is short on the CJ Internet, he has not been able to release the smartphone game or succeed. However, the next Net marble is not so large that the seeds that are fired as a company that the mobile game publisher 1, etc.

The representative of Nam Godhood, who moved to W Made in 2012, the KakaoTalk Game Platform at that time, Candy Fang (more than 10 million downloads), 'Wind runner' (more than 50 million downloads). The popularization of mobile games using a smartphone that he predicted, and the Remade prepared in advance was attracted attention as a mobile game faucet at the time.

■ Inc. ■, charity in businessman, businessman... I want to work...

Then he set up a suddenly published and established a game talent by a creative plan that supports and fostering game talents. We played a fund of about W2.1bn in Remade, At that time, the delegation of the South Pan created Dreams of the game that the game is a culture, and the game is a culture, and the new and medium-sized games that are difficult to grow well in the difficulties that they would be able to grow well. He planned to establish a school for cultivating game talent. In the corporate CEO, a lot of people who changed its seat as a declined charity (?) Many of the seniority representatives have done to applause and evacuated to his challenge.

At this time, the representative of the Long Palace is the future technology and service is the 3D printing. I designed the technology that I designed and took the desired objects as a printer and identify them as a real. He planned a 3D printing education up with a new Foundation profit business, and actually exhibited 3D printers and works on Pang yo. At that time, the delegation of the male fee will be able to develop better games through 3D printing and would enable more effective game promotion and game character goods. He prayed to reveal strong willing to prevail future businesses prior to others.

Ghana After that, Nam Gong Hewn is a game publishing platform company 'engine' representative and returned to the representative of the engine. The difference between the existing game distributors was based on the philosophy that small and medium developers and revenues were more fairly fair, and helping them to help their growth. Then the engine merged with the next game, and now it became a Cacao Games, who oversee the game business of Cacao. The CEO of Naming is a compare that Aka Games listed on the NASDAQ and played on the market in a more stable structure in a more stable structure.

■ Flower length · Dirt long walked South Korea... Now the meter bus

The representative of Nam Gong Hewn is not only walking on the 'flower road'. CJ Internet Representative Due to Nixon and the first-person shooter game 'Sudden Attack' Publisher, I was conflicted with a publishing regeneration, and it was spreading with the mud, and as a result, At that time, he gave me a 20% of the company's sales to the competitor, and he was responsible for about a year and came to the company. After he was on the remade, he succeeded in making several mobile games and showing a while as a game founding member, but he resigned the representative of Son, and prayed to the question and sorry. He had a weak end of the Earth.

In the past, when he lasted his steps, it is a person with an excellent vision of new technologies and markets that have been attached to the near future. And he is a strong propulsion and decision that implemented this business and commercialized services. Furthermore, it can be summarized as an executive with a member of the members, and it is equipped with a meeting and communication skills to unwind the problem.

It is a 'met abase' service, not innovative technology that he is a new engine of Cacao. I already have a lot of young users who are already ready to play with the technology, content, and virtual and reality to implement the metaverse world. It is the blueprint of the male posterior to implement the completeness of the completeness of the completeness of the completeness of the completeness.

■ Kim Bamboo's new leadership card on the new leadership card

Cacao has been demanded as a full reinforcement of the controversy over the right to the right of the Alley, and some executives. Shareholders who have been damaged by the share price decline are demanding to offer practical measures, such as treasury stock incineration, not executive replacement cards. It is also welcome to enhance the competitiveness of Cacao's earnings rather than subsidiaries' subsidiaries.

On the other hand, the future-oriented innovation of Cacao, which is the representative of Nam Gong Hewn, is realized, and the value of corporate value becomes increasing, and this is not less than a long period of time.

As a result, Kim Bamboo is a plan to pierce the controversy and criticism of the controversy and criticism, more transparent management, communication, and practical social contributions. I read as a strategy to overcome the trust of a market with multiple mistakes into a new leadership. As a result of the uneasy time of the market and the difficulty in the environment, a game of Kim Bamboo is focused on this one of the Kook min Games Portal, Kook min Messenger, respectively.

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