Microsoft buys Activision: Call of Duty should stay on PlayStation – Xbox

Microsoft wants to take over Activision: For around $70 billion US dollars, popular game marks such as Call of Duty, Diablo, World of Warcraft and Co. are to change the owner. Since the announcement, fans have been the question of a possible Xbox exclusivity of each Activision games. Appear Call of Duty, Diablo and Co. So soon no longer for PlayStation ? A final answer to the question is not currently not available. However, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has voted on Twitter on this topic and confirmed to have good talks with the executives at Sony this week.

Call of Duty continues for PlayStation

I have reaffirmed our intention to comply with all existing agreements after the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, commented on Spencer and complemented to have the desire to have strengthened Call of Duty continues to want to keep on the PlayStation . Sony is an important part of the industry, and you guess relationships. How possible publishing plans will concretely change after completion of the billion-heavy deals, the future will have to show. Visible to Bloomberg Spencer previously said that it would not be a Microsoft’s intention to draw the communities away from other platforms.


Activision games in the Xbox Game Pass

After the acquisition of Moving, for example, the sandbox hit Minecraft remained on all platforms – and has since not been expelled exclusively for Xbox and Windows PCs. In addition, Microsoft respected the times closed deals with Death loop and Ghost wire: Tokyo of Publisher Bethesda, which the Reminders 2020 had taken. The Elder Scrolls Online is also to be supported on the PlayStation. Upcoming highlights such as Star field and The Elder Scrolls 6 should appear exclusively for Xbox and PC. To announce the Activision Takeover, Microsoft initially announced to bring a large part of the Activision catalog into the Xbox Game Pass.

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