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The actor behind Vaas, bad guy of Much Cry 3, admits that he has actually never ever played yet intends to go back to video games

One of the most cherished titles of the Legends of Ubisoft is Much Cry 3, the 3rd numbered installation of the activity franchise as well as open globe that had an extremely charming character amongst its bad guys: Vaas Montenegro , played by the star Michael Command .

On the celebration of the closing of the Better Call Saul series, where he places himself in the skin of Nacho Varga, Command has participated in an Inquiry and also Answers session in Reddit. In it, he has actually surprised the video game fans confessing that he He has never ever played Much Cry 3 , although he has actually seen good friends to do it.

** I would want re-interpreting Michael Command video Or, at the very least, he would love to: I think what can be finished with the globe of computer game is fascinating, and also I would certainly want reproducing a new personality because location, he clarifies.

The last launch of the computer game franchise business is Far Cry 6, which coincidentally likewise had the presence of Vaas Montenegro, although this time through a dischargeable payment content concentrated on 3 of the main bad guys of previous shipments.


It is a very abundant as well as still brand-new method of telling. It will exist for a long period of time, a long period of time and also will certainly remain to advance, states command, which a few months ago disclosed that a Much Cry 3 movie is possible, as well as actually it is Something that has actually talked on even more than one event with Ubisoft.

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