GTA 6: Rockstar finally sends a sign of life

So far there were only rumors – now it’s official. Rockstar Games has confirmed Via Twitter that the studio develops the next part of the GTA series.

GTA 6 ROCKSTAR LOGIC #100 (Rockstar Finally Announced It)

GTA 6 is officially in development

8 years, 4 months and 18 days the start of GTA 5 is already back. Since a felt eternity, the fans of the series are already screaming for a successor – but rock star shaded in silence. At least until now.

On Twitter, the celebrated gaming studio now officially announced that is another part of the Grand-theft auto series in development :

However, you did not give more information. Rockstar only made it clear that you would share more details with the fans as soon as you will be ready for it. But one did not call a concrete timetable for this. Also open to whether Rockstar really works on GTA 6. The concrete name of the next part was not mentioned . It is only of “a new entry in the GTA series”.

In the comments, the fans therefore speculate whether it may only be a spin-off. However, we will first know when Rockstar comes with further information around the corner.

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GTA 6: Rumors speak of chaotic development

How well the new GTA part will remain to be seen. After the release fiasco of GTA-Remaster Trilogy, some fans are likely to shrug the alarm bells. In addition, some insiders also reported in the past that the development of GTA 6 is very chaotic.

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In addition, self-rock star veteran Jamie King believes that the new series part could lose something on bite. As soon as there will be more news about the upcoming GTA part, we will keep you up to date.

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