WMADID-NHN Big Foot Mou, introducing Wi-Mix in game example

Data provided – WMADID

Wemoid (Representative Jang Hyun Buk) concluded the ‘Project Wemix Sports’ (Tentative Tentacle) ‘Project Wemix Sports’ (tentative Kim Sang-ho).

NHN’s subsidiary NHN Bigfu has a web board game know-how such as ‘one game poker’, ‘one game, & is right.’ Based on the expertise in the sports game, we have a baseball simulation game ‘Baseball 9th’.

Project Wemix Sports is a sports forecasting game that is a long-standing web board game development and service know-how of NHN Big Potes. do.

Project Wemix Sports plans to use a game token issued by the Welema Platform, and plays a predictor for the user who is in the user. Based on the actual game result data, you can obtain a game token if you have a winner.

Playing Bigfoot Game

The new concepts of the new concept P & E (Play and Earn, and the game to earn a game) elements are introduced to provide more differentiated pleasures.

NHN Big Foot Kim Sang-ho said, “Sports victim forecasts are a game genre that enjoys a great popularity in the global market, and the Global users can create contacts with global users,” and “I made it in intuitive and popular format. I am taking a form to maximize the benefits of the platform, so I expect to create a real-time structure between the game and the platform. “

The Representative of Jang Hyun Buk, Jang Hyun, said, “The Womix is ​​the only platform that can transform all genres of the game as a block chain game.” I will cooperate with this. “

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