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Shadow Warrior 3 – Last game in the series from the developers of Flying Wild Hog. It combines blood, guts, humor and action in an exciting trip. Lo Van and his different “team” would seem fighting with an incredible enemy. But, as you quickly learn, everything is possible with a sick roller, large cannons and the obsession with Ninja with his dead friend deities, locked in a mystical mask.

Fast, cheerful and loud fight

Shadow Warrior 3 Review
Gameplay Shadow Warrior 3 – That’s where it is really excellent. The combination of weapons, rods and the environment creates an amazingly exciting, dynamic battle. Lo Vana has a variety of arms arsenal; In combination with the movement system, they allow the player to turn their enemies into minced meat, while remaining in motion. Each weapon brings satisfaction, and players often switch between them.

Arena in Shadow Warrior 3 offers many ways to fight enemies and move on stage. There are capture points, running around the walls and numerous environmental traps to help the player. The wave behind the wave of enemies fell on Lo Vanga, and the key to survival is the destruction of the greatest threats in the first place. Survival also depends on the collection of ammunition and health – both scattered by the arena and encouraging movement.

this game has style

Shadow Warrior 3 shared style is manifested in a game process, design and sound. Backgrounds that the player explores are beautiful, and even on the arons there is something to admire when you are not engaged in the murder of demons. In battle one of the most visual things – finishers. Lo van ruthlessly execute the enemy and turns it into a bloody weapon, each of which has its own unique design and method of use.

The battle is enhanced by the soundtrack that enhances the thrill of the explosion and the rigging of enemies. Transitions from a calm serenity – the study of the world Shadow Warrior 3 to heartbreaking combat actions – will prompt when it is time to start shooting. It is also combined with the sharpness of Lo Vanga, who bring humor to the murder of demons and Ykaev.

Although there are flaws

The most blatant problem in Shadow Warrior 3 is its length and lack of bosses. Unfortunately, the game is rather short for the price, and after passing the game, we only encountered two bosses. Shadow Warrior quickly became boring due to a small number of bosses and duration of the game. The study was reduced to promotion by linear levels, while the player did not reach arena. This is repeated throughout the game without special deviations.

Shadow Warrior 3 relies too much on shootouts and dynamic fights, because of what history suffers. While the rebooted series Shadow Warrior never perceived herself seriously, the story here is extremely weak, and almost does not matter whether it is included. More bosses and side quests could increase its importance.

Verdict – wait for sale

Shadow Warrior 3, undoubtedly delightful and exciting game. The battle gives pleasure, and Lo Wang turns enemies into a bunch of blood and the guts are fun. However, despite the funny fight and humor, in the rest, it seems that there is not enough or need more diversity. Although we enjoyed the game Shadow Warrior 3, the shortcomings restrain the game, and we recommend waiting for the sale to buy it.

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