Valheim: Chains farms and benefits

Valheim - How To Find + Explore Swamp Biome SAFELY!

Valheim: Chains in Swamp Biom Farms Chains are relatively inconspicuous objects, which are indispensable for some purposes. The biom that you need to visit is the swamp. There you basically have two ways to get to chains: * If you meet an anger spirit, you can join this and get chains as a prey. * Even better is the yield in the sunken crypts. There you can find chains in treasure chests. More about cleaning the crypts can be found here. Then you can use the chains for different purposes: For example, you need for the production of some strong arms, such as the burst protection of the wolf armor and the black metal shields. You can also build the blacksmith blowing bellows with chains to upgrade your forge to a level. For your progress in Valheim, chains are therefore alternative and it does not hurt to always have some chains in stock.

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