Releases: GTA 5, Mario Kart and Final Fantasy – What do you want more?

The return of a really modern classic: Next week GTA 5 again appears for the new consoles. But that’s not all, because Mario Kart 8 also turns back to the releases.

Grand Theft Car 5 | March, 15

PS5 / XBOX Series X

We would never have thought that we need to write the nine years after the first release for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 again: Coming soon Grand Theft Auto 5 . The still current series part of Rockstar Games now also creates the leap on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S – and thus to the total third console generation.

  • GTA 5 for PS5 in the PlayStation Store View

The question of the changes is above all technical nature. Rockstar Games promises The prettiest version of Los Santos so far with more pedestrians, a higher density of vegetation, support of raytracing and further improvements. However, there are no real changes compared to the PS4 and Xbox-One version.

A free upgrade function for the owners of the old version is not planned at the current time. So you have to buy GTA 5, but you can always transfer your memory. There are also GTA online for subscribers from PlayStation Plus for free in the first three months after release.

Tunic | March 16


Since the E3 2017 Tunic is under indie fans on everyone’s lips. The release of the Action Adventure, which is visually and playfully reminiscent of former “The Legend of Zelda” games, but has delayed again and again. But now it is really finished.

In Tunic, she slips into the role of a small fox who wakes up on a mysterious beach and soon experienced a big adventure . So you explore the game world, discover ruins and dungeons, you have to be with small and big opponents, turns off new skills and triggers numerous secrets.

[GTA5] MARIOKART IN GTA 5!! - Royalistiq
On the 16th of March, Tunic first appears for the PC, the Xbox One and Xbox Series X / s. Whether a later one release for the PlayStation consoles and the Nintendo Switch takes place at a later date is not known, but quite realistic.

Shredders | 17. March

PC / XBOX Series X

If you miss the snow this winter, you can look forward to shredders . The snowboard game sees itself as a declaration of love to the sport and takes you into a snow-covered open game world in which your countless tricks can be implemented. The whole thing begins as an invitation tournament and ends with you and your friends on the slopes.

Playfully, Shredders is inspired by Amped Games for the first Xbox. So put on uncomplicated fun , while tricks are in the foreground. It’s about the parkriding to Rails and grabs to be taught you in the game of world-class snowboarders.

The release of shredders takes place only on the PC and the Xbox Series X / S for the time being. In addition, the snowboard game appears directly on the first day in the Xbox Game Pass.

Anno: Mutationem | 17. March

PC / PS4 / PS5

Not wondering that a number is missing in the name of this game. Anno: Mutationem is not a new series part of the strategy series, but an action adventure in a cyberpunk world. As Ann, you go to a personal mission through a huge metropolis , which is crossed by megacon, mysterious marginal groups and dubious machinations.

In order to achieve Anns goal, you have to beat and shoot with you through numerous opponents and shoot, as you turn different bosses anyway. In addition, your fresh equipment collects, learns to know and to know new NPCs and improves your values ​​as in a role-playing game.

In the release, Anno: Mutationem focuses at the beginning of three platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Whether later, if there will be implementations for the Xbox and Switch, remains to be seen.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Booster route Pass | March 18th


What is GTA 5 for the one is Mario Kart 8 for the others: a continuous burner that Nintendo also supports 2022 with new content. More specifically, with a comprehensive Booster route pass , which offers you 48 new round courses.

These are different routes that you may already know from the predecessors. For Mario Kart 8: Deluxe these are graphically revised and here and there a little adapted. However, the 48 distances do not appear in a slip, but in six waves.

Of course, the release of the first wave will take place exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on March 18th. The remaining routes should gradually be published by the end of 2023.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin | March 18th

PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X

With Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Throw Square Enix and Developer Team Ninja a new look at the history of the first Final Fantasy from 1987. There are such a few differences, both content and playful.

As a player, she takes the fate of Jack and his friends Ash and Jed, who are trying to stop chaos. The inhabitants of the game world celebrate the troupe as the knights of light , but there are doubts, because the crystals of the trio are exceptionally black. Nonetheless, Jack and Co. throw themselves in the action-rich struggle that was inspired by Games of the “Dark Souls” series but also by Nioh and Ninja Gaiden.

Also new is the platform selection to the release, because Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin appears for PC and all current consoles. Only owners of a Nintendo Switch go empty for the time being.

Who would have thought that 2022 GTA 5 and Mario Kart 8 still play an important role? Presumably only the fewest. Away from these two evergreens you can look forward to a new final fantasy spin-off or make the slopes unsure in Shredders.

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