How to unlock Skin Chaotic Coral Mad Maggie in Apex Legends

Apex Legends recently released a new skin insane Maggie, and players with membership in Prime Gaming can get it for free. New Chaotic Coral Mad Maggie Leather, Fuchsia color L-Star Leather, and Punk Panch Mad Maggie Banner Frame Now you can get on the Apex Legends Prime Gaming page.

Tie TWITCH and EA Accounts

Players need to first associate their Twitch account with its EA account. Follow the instructions below to quickly complete this process:

  • Visit
  • Enter your TWITCH account (which has a PRIME Gaming subscription)
  • Add a security code sent by email
  • Open Twitch and visit Settings Option

Players will find connections tab in Twitch settings, and here you can see that the Electronic Arts will be present in other connections. If your Twitch account has a PRIME subscription, simply visit the Apex Legends PRIME GAMING page to get the exclusive Mad Maggie Bundle set.

Get Skin Mad Maggie “Chaotic Coral”

When you finish tie the TWITCH and EA accounts, visit the PRIME Gaming Apex Legends page. Click “Stand Now” to get the skin “Chaotic Coral Mad Maggie”, Skin “Fuchsia Flushed L-Star” and a frame for a Punk Punch Mad Maggie banner.

After that, check the list of skins of Mad Maggie, and you will find new items in the options. Banner and Skin L-Star Fuchsia Flushed frame can be equipped on the Equipment tab. Mad Maggie has become a rather popular legend from the moment of launch, and the exclusive skin Prime Gaming definitely complements the collection.

Mad Maggie was released this season, and the players have already seen several new skins for this legend. Players who have membership in Prime Gaming can get skin Mad Maggie Chaotic Coral and much more from March 17 to April 21, 2022.

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