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All 27 Classes in Final Fantasy Origins: Strangers of Paradise
In the guide to Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Learn:

  • How to unlock all jobs in the game
  • How to Levelt Your Jobs
  • What the current best jobs are in the game

As in most final fantasy games, there is also a variety of character classes in Stranger of Paradise, which differ very different from each other in the game style. Classes are referred to in the Final Fantasy Universe as a job. In the following guide you will find an overview of all unlockable jobs and gets detailed information about the skills and requirements of the class.

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unlock new jobs – that’s how it works

In Stranger of Paradise, the jobs are divided into three categories :

  • Beginner
  • Advanced
  • Expert

Each job has its own skilltree that can be viewed in the job menu. Through the investing job points , new skills and passive bonuses can be purchased. If you have invested enough points, a new job can be activated. Beginner jobs can unlock advanced jobs and these can turn off expert jobs.

At the beginning of the game you are only a few beginner jobs available. In the first missions, you then turn off the rest of the beginner jobs. Jobs can be changed at any time in the combat settings , which are available to you at any sphere or on the world map. Many jobs are limited in their weapon options. For example, sword fighters can only wear great swords, so pay attention to not all weapons.

How do I Level my jobs fastest?

The right management of affinities

Many items have a specific job affinity . Depending on the entire job affinity affinity boni can be collected. The higher a certain affinity, the higher the bonus is off. However, affinities fulfill another purpose and determine what jobs collects their experience points for which jobs. The highest job affinity also brings the most experience points.

Affinities can be combined independently of your equipped job. As a warrior, you can use equipment, which have a magician affinity and a crusher affinity. So many different job affinities can be combined and this can in turn collect experience points for jobs that you do not even play.

All beginner jobs in Stranger of Paradise

NAME Job-specific skill
Gladiator Suspension: While the skill is active, damage is negated with successful blocking of an attack and the opponent has been killed.
Swordsman Swivel slink: Swirls the large sword around the semicircle and adds to all opponents nearby. The longer the key is pressed, the higher the time of use and rotation speed.
RONIN Iai-Giri: Fast attack with the Katana, which causes high will damage. Can be charged up to three times by keeping the button to cause additional damage.
Maroodur Code: ** Heavy attack with Ax, the opponents occupied with weaknesses. Concentrated opponents add less damage to a short duration. Cover can be charged up to three times.
Pikenier Lance fall: throws the spear on distant opponents. The attack can be reinforced by holding down the corresponding key.
FAUFFAILER Mortosfaust: You move to the opponent quickly quickly and coincides with powers and kicks. If you keep the button pressed, you unleashes more attacks whose number increases over time.
duelant Vulnerability: sprints to the opponent and, regardless of its position, causes a critical slot attack.
MAGIER Magic: Pressing the button opens a wheel menu from which you can act different spells. Hold the button pressed longer to enhance the power of the spell.

All advanced jobs in Stranger of Paradise

NAME Description Requirements
Warrior War crying : Bring all nearby opponents to waver and fills the LP bar again over a certain time. Swordsman + Ronin
Knight Grace of light: If an enemy attack is blocked with active craft, a shockwave of light causes indentation damage in the environment. Gladiator + Swordsman
Berserker CUTS: While the skill is active, the attack strength is drastically increased and enemies can be brought easier to serrate. Holy drinks can not be used during the duration. Swordsman + Marauderur
Dragoon Jump: Catapadapults you and brings you out of reach of the opponents. After a moment you crashes you down and causes area damage. Maroother + Pikenier
Samurai Meyko-shisui: While skill is active, you generate more MP through normal attacks and parades than usual. Will you hit an opponent, the skill ends immediately. Ronin
thief Steal: Storm to the opponent and steals the instant skill. Depending on the opponent, the skills that can be stolen differ. FAUFFAILER + DUELLANT
Mönch Focus: Holds the corresponding button pressed to restore your LP and will strip at the expense of the MP. If there is a certain amount of MP lost, you will receive a power of power and adds more damage to opponents. Pikenier + Fist
White Magier White magic: Grants access to a variety of healing and support magic. magician
Black Magier Blackmagie: In addition to the element-based magic, you will receive access to “flare”, a particularly powerful spell. magician
Rotmagier Chain message: As long as the skill is active, an additional spell can be worked out. Certain white magic and black magic cells can only be done in this way. Magician + Gladiator

All expert jobs in Stranger of Paradise

NAME Description Requirements

Redeemer | Total defense: Around you a field creates a field that reduces the damage suffered from allies and gradually restores your LP. While the skill is active, it consumes continuous MP. | Dragoon + warrior
Paladin | Holy tooth: restores with a hit LP. At full LP your additional light damage causes. You can turn the skill on and off at any time. If the skill is active, it consumes continuous MP. | Knight + white magician
voice knight | Runik: Summons an Arcana circle and protects you through Block. Magical attacks are absorbed by the circle. If you deactivate the ability, you can either replen your MP or run a slot attack that removes enemy buffs. | Rotmagier + Knight
dark knight | Black art: The skill is active, its continuous MP consumes. Your attacks add extra extremely high dark damage, but at the same time pull off some TP. The class is only suitable for advanced players. | Black Magier + Warrior + Berserk
Crusher | ZantetSuken: Slit with a gigantic blade through opponents. If the enemy will or TP falls to zero, the enemy is automatically directed with soul crushers. Hold down the button to recharge the attack. | Dragoon + Samurai + Berserker
Ninja | Ninjutsu : Ninjas have special Ninja tools, with which they can act different Ninjutsus. Ninja Tools are replenished as soon as you interact with a sphere. | Samurai + thief
Assassine | Maschelmord: causes damage according to the number of markings on the opponent. Markings are created by critical hits. | Mönch + Thief
Tyrann | Blade Magie: Loads your weapon with a selected item. | Mönch + Rotmagier
Weiser | Magic Sigille: Switches between black magic and white magic. The use of a magic provides a seal. The more seal you own, the faster you can act spells. | Black Magier + White Mage

These are the three best jobs in Stranger of Paradise

1. Redeemer

As a Redeemer, you have access to every single gun genre in the game. As a tank, you have the opportunity to carry very offensive weapons into the field and use previously unlocked combo skills. The job-specific craft total repellent consumes relatively little MP, considering how strong the skill is.

2. Crusher

As a crusher, you have the special ability to restore the consumed MP of combo skills when opponents are directed by soulbreaker . Through affinity bonuses and passive improvements, the tempered MP can be increased again. ### 3. bully Through the job-specific craft BladeMagie , the tyrant can strengthen its weapon with any item. As a result, every opponent can effectively killed and many weak points are broken. Other guides to Stranger of Paradise on Fantasy Universe: * Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin – all trophies and successes * Stranger of Paradise: Tips & Tricks for beginners * Stranger of Paradise: The Ultimate Combat Guide Visits us Facebook and Instagram and discuss with us about your favorite games!

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