Webzen, Seongnam Youth Coding Machine Works 2022 Activities Started

On the 25th, Webzen said that he was preparing for social contribution projects this year, delivering donations necessary for the operation of the youth education project to the Youth Foundation of the Youth Educational Business “Youth Coding Agreement with Webzen” and ‘Game and Immersion Prevention Program. Webzen is aiming to resolve education in inequality since 2017, and is supporting coding education in 2,500 Seongnam City Youth by creating “Youth Coding Agreement WITH Webzen” on Pangyo and Navy Tower.

First of all, I confirmed the educational curriculum this year of ‘Youth Coding Agency WITH Webzen’. This year I found a problem in life, seeking solutions to make a solution, and a “software making project” of the method of learning the “software making project” of the method of making the results is more than twice.

First, the ‘Pangyo Youth Training Center Coding Agreement’ focuses on the training and self-coding clubs and self-coding clubs. The ‘Challenge Program’, which was a one-off ‘challenge program, also introduces as a regular curriculum, learn the theory for each team, and expands the process of announcing the results. The ‘Navy Youth Training Center Coding Agency’ promotes the ‘talented donation activity’ that shares and educates his learning. Local High School Coding The club affiliates are aimed at improving thinking through the process of learning knowledge in the coding machine, and then shared directly to the elementary school students in the class.

Non-natural online education regularly operates regularly and prepared for ‘Post Corona’. Online education, which utilizes the online whiteboard ‘Google Jam Board’ and Metabus Platform ‘Gether Town’, including the video conferencing platform ‘Zoom’, which was an irregularly conducted,

On the other hand, this year’s first consultation and treatment program for game and immersion prevention. The business is composed of ‘professional counseling programs’, which supports the subjects of the “Prevention Program” and the Regional Welfare Agency in relation to the game and the local welfare agency.

Manual Ribbon coding machines

Both companies will develop participatory activities such as career exploration, game camps, including joint vaginal, and junior adolescents, and to provide practical treatments such as a psychological difficulty, Plan.

For more information on Webzen’s social contribution project, we can see in Webzen ‘in the enterprise homepage.

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