[Review] New Cone Series appeared! Raccone XP Gaming Mouse

Sometimes, when you see the word ‘high performance gaming mouse’ that is a mouse, you can see the word ‘high performance gaming mouse’ in the product details. Of course, this idea would have been not interested in mice, and ‘I would like to have a mouse, how much I have to do it, “I just have to write a lot of things to write, and I have been filled with a ram of ram with the money.’

Currently, it is difficult to call an expert than other hardware devices, but it is also very important to know that it is enough to know that it is up-to-date, but it is enough to be able to familiarize enough to familiarity, I was carefully picked up when I was in a while, so I was able to study a lot directly, and I do not know, but I do not know and explain it.

‘High Performance Gaming Mouse’, the criteria are ambiguous, but you can easily determine the performance of the most recently released mouse. For example, in the case of sensors, you can tune the sensor from the latest sensor from the latest sensor from Pixart (Pixart), which produces mouse-only sensors, and you can see the sensors of various peripheral manufacturers that show higher performance.

These sensors are actually an important part of mouse performance, so they are actually a heart of mouse. In more detail, the indicators representing performance such as DPI from DPI, IPS, FPS, and Polling, etc., depending on this mouse sensor. The better the sensor, the better the performance value you just said, the higher the performance value you just said.

Of course, in addition to the sensor, it may have a few programming keys, the size, weight, and the grip are different depending on the okay. In addition, if you are a user who pursues RGB emotion, you can be fully confused on the presence or absence of RGB LEDs.

The introduction was long. I think that the words ‘high performance gaming mouse’, which have been mentioned above today, will not be able to fit the best. The German gaming gear manufacturer is released from Roccat (Roccat) Raccone XP Gaming Mouse ‘.

It is another line-up of a consumer consumer with many demand for users who enjoy professional gamers and games. 19K Operated Sensor, and 15 programming buttons, mapped by mapping up to 29 functions to mouse. There were 22 built-in LEDs and eight light guides and gamers that pursue RGB emotions with translucent shells.

■ Product Information

Raccone XP Gaming Mouse

  • Connection method: Wired

  • Sensor: 19K Optical Sensor / PMW-3370 (Roccat Owl-Eye)

  • Switch method: Titan switch

  • Weight: 104g

  • Mouse Size: 126/72 / 40 (Length, Width, Height, Mm)

  • Color: Black / White

  • Maximum sensitivity: 19,000 dpi

  • Acceleration support: 50g

  • Cable length: 1.8m

  • Other features: AIMO RGB Lighting / Phantom Flex Cable / NVIDIA Reflex Compatibility

  • Price: 98,860 won (22.03.28 Dana)

■ Product Exterior

It is an exemplary appearance that adopts a large-transparent material and an internal LED and an asymmetric type. Sometimes it is a symmetrical type and repeatedly changed as an asymmetrical type, surely you can get a good feeling of a feeling of feeling that you feel tight in your hand.

You have 15 buttons, and you can map 29 functions through this button, so if you only adapt, you can see that the user enjoys RPG is a good feature. Crystal 4D mouse wheels are unlike normal wheels, vertical clicks and scrolls, but also the right side of the left and right side is also possible. And double-clicked with a durable durability and a good durability and reactive Titan’s optical switch without using a lot of issues.

The pure heat treated Teflon feet at the bottom shows a smooth movement when using a mouse, and a phantom flex cable is used to use a phantom flex cable to be free and easy to use even if the line twist is compared to other wired mice.

19k Owl-Eye (Oulk) Sensor is equipped with sensors, more performance and accuracy, and compatible NVIDIA Reflex (NVIDIA Reflex) to compatile NVIDIA RTX 30 series graphics cards with RTX 30 series graphics cards You can take advantage of the reaction rate.

■ Full RGB LED without lack

ROCCAT Kone XP Trailer (Next-gen Customization Gaming Mouse)

■ Performance, appearance, convenience all

It is recommended that you can easily change and use the various settings through the Roccat’s dedicated software, “Raccat Swarm”, and you can easily change it and set it up for your own style, and you can use it easily with your own style. no see.

Finally, you know that you have used a lot of mice, but you know that you know that the mouse is a periphery that the mouse is a periphery that is affected by a subjective feeling, Therefore, we recommend that you use it directly before purchase.

This Rac Kone XP is used to see the way to feel the felt that you have seen in your hand, and it is clear that it is really recommended for users who want to feel the grip. I did not.

In addition, it is also guaranteed to have a high performance, which is a favorable Ouhi sensor that is accompanied by many gamers, and I think it is worrying about once if I want to feel RGB emotions.

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