There is already a scriptwriter for the Ghost of Tsushima movie

After the success of the movie of Uncharted , PlayStation Productions does not plan to set aside all your future productions and besides being working on the series of The Last of US , let’s also remember that one adaptation of ghost of tsushima for the large screen is also under development. Now we know who will take care of working on your script, and it seems to be the ideal choice.

According to information about Deadline , it will be Takashi Doscher The scriptwriter for Ghost of Tsushima film . Previously, doscher also worked at Only and Still scripts, where he also served as director. Apparently, doscher is a great fan of the Single-Player games, and the most recent work of sucker punch is one of your favorite games of all time.

The Lead Actor To Play Jin Sakai Already Exists For Ghost Of Tsushima Movie

In the address part we have Chad Stahelsky, known mainly for directed the films of John Wick . For now, no additional details have been revealed about the cast or anything like that, so we will have to wait a while longer to know all this information.

Editor’s note: Little by little the movie is taking shape, but I still worry that Hollywood studies are so obsessed with making these video game adaptations. I mean, it has much more sense in the casestation case, but I think it would prefer that they will stop doing them.

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