Call of Duty Warzone: enter golden vaults

Raven software prepares a new Update for Call of Duty Warzone . How the developers report about their Twitter channel, they temporarily disabled vehicles on Rebirth Island **. The small Battle-Royale map can only be explored only by foot. Reasons do not call the makers, lie for players but on the hand: fans have found a way to enter the mysterious golden vaults.

Enter Golden Vaults

The following clip shows how it works: a player stands in front of the corresponding golden door and can be carried out by a starting vehicles into the interior of the Vault. The secret locations include high-level Loot and should be currently accessible only when players master a community challenge. Players must collect a thick sum of money in Blood Money on Rebirth Island to obtain the necessary access codes for the Vaults. The trick over the vehicles is a quite curious, but unwanted way to get into the Golden Vaults.

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Update appointment still unclear

At what time an update for Call of Duty Warzone (Buy $ 31.51 now), which creates this glitch from the game world, has not been known so far. On Twitter, the makers initially announced only to disable the vehicles. As soon as you have made the necessary changes, the small Warzone Map should play with vehicles again. Warzone is available on PC and consoles.

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12.04.2022 at 08:31

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