Project Q (Work Title): Project Q: Ubisoft confirms Gelactified PVP Arena

Ubisoft works on a new Battle Arena game: After several leaks, the publisher gives the existence. There are not many info – but you can already register for the first playtest.

Another Ubisoft BATTLE ROYALE? What's Going On!? * PROJECT Q *

After an outstanding leak roundup with multiple sources by the website Expert Ubisoft dares the step forward and officially announces the title, of course by Twitter.

What is the way out of the artworks (which goes towards Knockout City, Overwatch, Fortnite & Co.) So far, to know about the so-called Project Q? Officially, Ubisoft confirms only a “Team Battle Arena” title that is in a finishing development phase and will take place for the tests. Experiment can be welcomed to the publisher, because on a web page you can already register for playtests, optionally on PC, Xbox, Xbox Series X | S, PS4 and PS5.

Unofficially, according to Expert, there is already more information: The title is to be created at Ubisoft Bordeaux and is currently being tested in two game modes: “Showdown” should be a kind of mini-battler-royal variant with four two-way teams, with “Battle Zone” in turn play back Two four-day teams to the 100-point brand ran. It is fed with color racks, hammer, shovel & Co. (a few things of it can also be found in the Ubisoft artwork). And in all likelihood, Project Q is of course a free-to-play title.

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