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The current situation of Nintendo with Joy-CONS “drifting” sounds even worse than we thought. Since Nintendo Switch was launched in 2017, users have reported problems with Joy-CONS joysticks, which are the dockable controllers that come with switch. And although Nintendo has allowed Switch owners to mail their Joy-Cons for repair since this problem has been widespread, this new report in question has revealed that the repair process behind the scene has been quite complicated.

In a new Kotaku article, what happens when the Switch owners were more detailed by mail their joy-with controllers for repair. Instead, Nintendo arranged these Joy-Cons by drifting it by themselves, a company with the name of United radio was actually the one that took care of the repairs. While this is not an unusual practice in any way, it seems that the massive amount of Joy-CA that were sent to United Radio was overwhelming, to the point that the repair process itself turned from low quality. He even cited a former employee by saying that “each week easily arrived easily,” with “, which led to the internal creation of a completely new workspace only for these repairs.

Nintendo Workers Share Grievances + An Overwhelmed Joy-Con Repair Center, Reports Kotaku

To make this problem even worse, it was also explained that United Radio was a company that had a very high employee rotation rate. As such, several people who worked to repair joy-cons drifting did not do it for a long time. This then led to a high level of inexperience when it comes to repairing these controllers, which reduced the quality of each repair.

In summary, this report only shows that Joy-with deviation is a huge problem that Nintendo has not even controlled. Joy-with is not only a problem alone, but the fact that Nintendo also has these errors with an external contractor is not a great sign. No matter how you look at it, Nintendo has spoiled all this saga with the deviation of Joy-with and it does not seem that things will improve a lot on this front in the short term.

Are you someone who has had problems with your own joy-cons drifting? And have you had any bad repair experience for you? Let me know in the comments or you can communicate with me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.

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