How does the contract for sabotage work in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific?

5 DICAS para você começar o WARZONE PACIFIC CALDERA com tudo !!!!! - Call of Duty Warzone

Vehicles are the fastest and most preferred way to move on a map in Call of Duty: Warzone. When using the vehicle, you celebrate yourself on a mini-card of the closest enemy players, in the 3rd season a new contract was introduced, which can assign a vehicle for the vehicle that you drive.

Sabotage is an exclusive Caldera contract in Warzone, which, after choosing, appoints your detachment a random target on the vehicle somewhere on the map. This increases the risk of rapid movement on the map on ground and air vehicles, including trucks, SUVs, ATVs, All -terrain vehicles and helicopters.

As in the contract with the award, players receive profitable awards for execution or survival in the Sabotage contract. Awards include cash, an increased level of contract and deployment of an armored truck. An armored truck with a turret is a vehicle presented in a limited Armored Royale mode, and its health is better than that of ordinary trucks that appear on the map.

If the vehicle that you drive is marked by a contract for sabotage, it may not be easy to survive to enemies. Although you can always leave the vehicle, you can also fight off enemies using firearms and deploying a system of trophies on the roof of your vehicle that protects you from explosives.

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