All objects for the Creed in For Honor

The Forh Honor crossover with Assassin’s Creed is back! The “superiority” mode has undergone changes, and many new settings appeared. Now is the time to play for fans of both episodes.

objects of Assassin’s Creed events


Respect for the audience *: Colors, the coat of arms of the assassin, the effect of the hood of the assassin, 5 characters, 3 colors – 20,000 units. become.
Kulet of the killer *: execution – 10,000 units. become

comb’s pass

For warriors with a limited budget or those who are looking for a little more, there is a free 30-level combat pass that will act throughout the event. Steel or trophies are few, but there are several cool thematic Anima patterns and consequences.

1st level *: 75 trophies
Level 2 : Valhalla Quest (Samurai costume)
Level 3 : increase by 1 experience
Level 4 *: Valhalla Quest (Viking costume)
Level 5 : 100 units. become
Level 6 : Valhalla Quest (Knight and Pirate costume)
Level 7 *: 75 trophies
Level 8 : Valhalla Quest (Wu Linja costume)
Level 9 : increase by 1 experience
Level 10 *: Sinin’s wings (Viking decoration)
Level 11 : Synin’s wings (knightly decoration)
Level 12 : 100 units. become
Level 13 *: Sinin’s wings (Lin and pirate decoration)
Level 14 : 75 trophies
Level 15 : Sinin’s wings (samurai decoration)
Level 16 *: 1 box with garbage
Level 17 *: Welcome to Valgall (the effect of the knight idle)

Level 18 *: Welcome to Valgall (the effect of inaction Wu Lin)
Level 19 : Welcome to Valgall (the effect of inaction of Samurai and Pirate)
Level 20 : Welcome to Valgalla (Viking Inaction effect)
Level 21 *: increase by 1 experience
Level 22 : Welcome to the Valgall (the effect of the emotion Wu Lin)
Level 23 : Welcome to Valgall (effect of samurai emotion)
Level 24 *: Welcome to Valhalla (Effect of the Emotion of Viking and Pirate)
Level 25 : Welcome to Valgall (the effect of an emotion of the knight)
Level 26 : 100 units. become
Level 27 *: Welcome to Valgall (the effect of the Yamurai execution)
Level 28 : Welcome to Valgall (the effect of Viking execution)
Level 29 : Welcome to Valgall (the effect of the execution of the knight and pirate)
* Level 30 : Welcome to Valgall (the effect of Wu Linya)

For Honor - All Collectible Locations (Observables & Breakables) - Vikings Campaign

Warriors of all disciplines will converge on the battlefield and experience their power against the Assassins and Templars. Ezio Auditor and Captain-General Cesare Borgia go out onto the battlefield to repulse their opponents. The event itself will be held from April 28, 2022 to May 19, 2022.

To find out more about for Honor, read the information on how to play the Vikings faction in For Honor, in the game manuals for professionals.

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